Yesterday I went up to Hatfield in Hertfordshire, I stayed in the Ramada hotel opposite the university. I was very impressed with the hotel and the surroundings which included a cinema and an outlet shopping centre so a lot to do there if you wanted. The food in the hotel was tasty and more than enough to fill you up.

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This morning I walked over to the University to attend the Get Writing 2014, what a lot of things happening from workshops to face times to pitches and talks in the main hall. All were very interesting and informative making it a very worthwhile experience.

I sent the first five pages and a synopsis of my novel to Kate Nash a couple of weeks ago then today I had a ten minute meeting with her, when I woke this morning I didn’t feel nervous. After a shower, dressing and putting make-up on as I was applying my mascara I realised I had not put my foundation on! Maybe I was nervous!
I was expecting the ten minutes to go very quick and didn’t expect it to be enough time for a lot of feedback but surprisingly it was and I got a lot out of it. The positives were that the idea and story were good, yes the novel needs to be finished and tweeted but that is all possible so I felt very good about that and came away happy with the feedback.

Lunch was a buffet consisting of small wraps with various fillings which were delicious followed by fruit and cakes.

Later this afternoon I also had a ten minute meeting with Meg Davis, she liked the idea and story so again more positives.
The one thing they were both not sure about was the theme of Nanny Cool as you immediately think of children’s books like for example Nanny McPhee, so should I drop the Nanny Cool and just write under my name or keep the social media about Nanny Cool and just maybe bring her into the stories as a character? I am not sure at the moment what to do so will just take my time to think about these decisions. I have the two novels which are Nanny Cool goes Camping and Nanny Cool goes to Portugal, both working titles. These I have to finish and edit, I also have all the notes and drafts of Nanny Cool visits the dating sites, so I have a lot to do and finish plus making the decisions but if the agents like the stories then I am sure we can then think about which way to market them.
For the moment I will continue with Nanny Cool as she is popular and the readership is building up daily.

So the day was a great success and I am so pleased I went as I have not only learnt a lot from the talks and discussions but have had brilliant feedback from two very successful agents.



  1. 29th March 2014 / 10:41 pm

    Thank you Gillian xx

  2. 29th March 2014 / 10:28 pm

    So pleased it went well for you! xx

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