If you are a blogger then you need to join this site as it is the best I have come across for not only helpful advice but also the opportunity of earning some money. If you like reviewing then this is also a good place to start, you get sent the assignment then when you get the gift you have to write 500 words about not only the gift but the whole process, for example how easy was their site to order from, did you come across any problems. I think the writing is the good bit as you get to give your reviews in a real honest and safe environment.  There are many advantages of blogger outreach which you can see below but I feel the main one is to build your audience as that is what a lot of the opportunities want, maximum numbers of viewers on all platforms so make sure you have links to all the social media groups.

fullsizeoutput_1bff One of the hardest things to build up are your link backs so take notice of all what is involved, there is so much help on this site I’m surprised they are not over run with bloggers.  The blogger outreach strategy is one we should all follow as the other thing we need to get up is our domain authority, which is hard I find as you do need a lot of back links, my DA is only 18 but I think that is because I  re-branded so had to start from scratch again but it does take a lot of work to get these numbers up so then you can earn some good money.


If you are a company and you would like engage with some blogs then this is the ideal place to do it as you do not have to do any of the checking as they have already done this for you. They have a database full of blogs covering almost every angle and product you could think of, how easy does that get for you! They pick the blogs and influencers they want to work with then after finding out all the required numbers and topics they cover they are put on the database. You just have to tell them what you would like the blogger to do, when they have to do it by and what they will get, for example it could be a bouquet of flowers and then the blogger with photograph receiving the gift, unwrapping then putting them in vases, these pictures go all over Instagram as well as their blog then they write the 500 words about the flowers so obviously you are going to say things like the colours, how long they lasted, what the wrapping was like. You have to convince the people reading your blog that they should go out and buy these flowers next time they require some for delivery. The company send their goods and they get a good review. It really is a win win situation for all the people involved and I really love this site.



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