This article made me remember how many people we have lost this year, then I started thinking.
If I can avoid going to a funeral then I will, not because of any other reason than the fact that I get so upset and you would think it was me that had lost the extremely close relative and if the truth be known all I was a friend!
After reading this article in OK magazine the point that struck me straight away was how many people do not wear black anymore and that’s men and women.  To me it is a sign of respect that you wear black, most men have a black suit in their wardrobe so why not wear it?  As for women, who has not got a black dress and a black jacket but even if you have not got any black in your wardrobe you can always find something in the charity shops.
I can understand if the deceased has requested bright colours for what ever reason that you carry out their wishes and as much as I would like to wear something that I am comfortable in, I was bought up to always wear black and that goes for children as well if they are old enough to attend.  In fact my Nan was not allowed to go to her mother-in-laws funeral as women did not attend funerals then.
That brings me to another point, should children go to funerals?  I think if they understand and want to go then let them, yes they will get upset but we must not forget that it is a way to say goodbye.  You could always take them to the grave afterwards if they do not wish to go to the funeral and I always think it is a lovely idea for the children to draw pictures or write letters to the person and put them on the casket so a piece of them goes with the relative.  It is normally a grandparent that is the first death they acknowledge so I think anything is acceptable.
I have always said that my grandchildren can go if they want to and not to worry about them sitting still if they are a toddler as that just makes it a fraught experience for everyone,  why take them I hear you ask?  I doubt there would be anybody to look after them as they would all be there.  Letting of balloons is a lovely way for children to say goodbye as they are going up to the clouds to make the person smile.  Not that I intend going anywhere yet but this year has bought it all home to a lot of people as there has been so many celebrity deaths, I imagine it is because we are getting older but that horrible ‘C’ word has taken a few before their time and that is the part that is hard to accept as you are not expecting the younger ones to leave us.

What a depressing subject, I am now going to write another chapter of my book so I cheer myself up.  Have a great day everyone. ❤️



  1. 8th July 2016 / 3:09 pm

    Thank you for reading.

  2. 5th July 2016 / 9:52 pm

    great post with a lot of value

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