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Having a pool party? What no pool, who says it has to be a big pool… about a paddling pool party! You might need a couple of them, one for adults and one for children. Lots of plastic jugs and cups to practise pouring skills, little ping pong balls to throw into the cups for good throwing practise. If your brave enough then little water guns, boys v girls. A big piece of plastic for the older kids to slide on pretending their surfing works well especially if you put a bit of washing up liquid on it. Get the baby dolls out for bath time and hair wash, little ones love that.

Picnic in the garden with lots of fruit or even barbecue the fruit wrapped in tin foil with a big lump of ice cream. Homemade lollies are cheap and so easy to just stick in the freezer, or make some drinks with bits of fruit in and freeze.

They want a tent, get an old blanket or throw, you can pick them up in the second hand shops now very cheap. Throw the blanket over the washing line and pin it down, or use chairs, tables, windbreak anything that will hold the throw/blanket up to make a nice cosy tent. If you have a proper tent stick it up in the garden, kids love sleeping outside.

Not got a sand pitt, get an under the bed plastic box with a lid and fill that with cheap playing sand then at night you can stick the lid on it to keep the cats out.

Don’t like doing messy painting indoors, now is the time to spread a sheet on the floor and get all the paints out and a big roll of lining paper or wallpaper and let them loose to make their master pieces…..don’t forget to send a picture of all their works of art to Nanny Cools gallery on the website.

Want to get fit, how about family bike rides and take a picnic so it’s a free day out. If you go to the park don’t forget to take some bread for the ducks.

Treasure hunts in the garden, picture clues for the little ones and written ones for the older children, they will be happy just finding a sweet, you do not have to spend lots of money on presents.

How about an outdoor disco for the older kids, a few fairy lights, bowl of punch…non alcoholic of course and music and they will love it.

Children love chalking so an old bit of hardboard painted in blackboard paint and they can chalk away all summer.

Got daisy’s growing in your lawn, get the children to pick them and make daisy chains for bracelets and necklaces. Remember the yellow buttercups, you held under your chin to see if you liked butter. Buy a packet of cheap seeds and get the children to plant them in their little bit of garden or in pots and leave them in charge of watering and watching them grow, then they could draw them to take back to school for their teacher.

If you have a few parents that have got different types of animals you could have come and stroke the animals days so your children get to see other pets and where they live and what they eat.

No matter what you do on these lovely days just make the most of it and enjoy one another. Fun in the sun x

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  1. 18th July 2013 / 2:38 pm

    Some of them are real fun for adults too x

  2. 18th July 2013 / 2:33 pm

    Wow, this is full of loads of brilliant ideas. Thank you!

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