I was asked to review this editor and design program and as I tend to just stick with what I know I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and decided to give this a try. I tried the poster and pamphlet first of all as I do have to make those for my writing group. This I found ok to do as there are so many templates in this program, you are sure to find one that suits what you are creating.  The colours and fonts are very straight forward, again with a big choice.  There were also templates for things that I hadn’t really thought of like the Twitter page plus blog headings and everything you would need for all social media.


Fotor Editor graphic design

I would recommend this as the choice is extremely good and you can keep it simple by using the templates. There are also videos you can watch to show you what to do and lots of tips along the way.

I thought this part of the program was very easy to pick up even without watching the tutorials. I am sure once you get onto putting shapes and pictures on top of things it will get a bit harder but once you have the basic done you can learn something new each time you try it.



The photo editing was a different matter as I have never attempted that before, not even in Snapchat or Instagram. I am a very basic beginner so I will show you my first attempt, I was trying to remove the background but in hindsight, I should have picked a simple picture as this was very hard to do.

As you can see I ended up taking the border out as well! I am going to practise this and then do another review about photo editing with this program.  Fotor enhancer

I have to say I have enjoyed doing this while being in lockdown as it’s the perfect time to be learning something new.  What program do you use?  Up until now, I have just cropped my photos on Ipad or iPhone that I have used in my blog.  It is good to be able to get motivated for something you like to do and it takes your mind off what is going on all around the world at the moment.

I will return in a couple of weeks with my next instalment about Fotor Editor graphic design

See you soon



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