I love this time of the year when the Book Festival is happening and Folkestone comes alive again. As usual there are so many great events, it is really hard to choose which ones to go to. I have narrowed it down to four this year but I am not doing any of the workshops as they didn’t really appeal and I have worked with Francesca Baker for the last two years so that is the only thing that I would look into for next year is some different new exciting workshops.

This reading between the lines looks interesting so if you are attending that I will see you there.

The hot topic is of course Mental Health so this talk by Christina Patterson will be well attended I think as so many people can relate to part of that, it sounds a bit like Mindfulness and accepting what you cannot change and not listening to others who think they know your body better than yourself.

I am so pleased we have a talk about plastic as lets face it we could all do a bit more to help win this fight as it is down to all of us as we have created this atrocity.

I am looking forward to seeing Matt Haig again, his talks are really good and again a lot is from experience.

You can pick the brochure up from The Quarterhouse or go on their mailing list to have it delivered. They will also be in some coffee shops and Waterstones.

Get booking everyone


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