I thought June was wonderful, mainly because it was my birthday and I just love a good birthday, I try not to think about how old I am as we are all getting older so it does not really matter. We also had a flaming hot June which was also wonderful, the colours in the gardens are brilliant with all the summer blooms. I also had the pleasure of meeting Luke, the gardener and he sorted out the garden for me and it really looks great. If you need anything done then do please contact him as he is a nice bloke.

I also changed my gas and electric supplier, I went through the Money saving expert Martina Lewis and I have just received my £30 for doing it through him. Some have taken up my offer of switching so we both get £50 and that was great, I think I am about £250 in credit plus my bills are lower, win win!

If you would like to switch and get yourself £50 then use this link.

I read the best book during June and it is going in at my number one of the year as it was just great, can’t say much more until its published and my review goes live. But you really should read this.


I bought myself some fingerless gloves and they are so soft and gorgeous, I love them and they should be the uniform for all authors.

I read a few books and went to some great book events this month, in fact when you look back you realise what a busy month it was, no wonder I am taking it easy now.

The big thing for me, apart from my birthday events was the re-launch of my blog, it took me a long time to decide what I wanted and I knew that it all had to be done properly if I was going to go forward with this blog. Laura from Blogger2WP.com has been a star and gone way beyond to get this right for me as it wasn’t without a few problems, I am amazed as she solves them straight away. You can contact Laura here if you want to change as I do think it is the way forward.  laura@blogger2wp.com


I think Laura has sorted the sharing with all sites and people being able to comment so that’s all good. I may have lost a few readers but I am sure I can build them back up again.

I also had the pleasure of getting to know Kate from Simply Go Gardening, what brilliant plants you get from here, so much care and knowledge goes into what you order. I have got to say the plants are mature so they are in super condition and my Honeysuckle is going bananas up the fence.

KATE RUSTON   Sales Support  Tel: +44 (0)1233 813340



Twitter: @palmsteadmedia


So all in all June was pretty flaming good.

How was your June?  It would be really great if you could all share my blog everywhere, thank you.


What do you think?

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