What a list of places, lets look up Benidorm.

This all looks so easy to arrange, I am impressed!  What a choice of activities from a Beachfront party to a Catamaran cruise,  I would have trouble picking as they are all so good. Benidorm is a great place for hen and stag parties so this is ideal as it takes all the pressure off so all you have to do is get there and start having a great time. This website is one of the easiest I have ever seen so even your Grannie could book something, hopefully for you and not herself. LOL


So I looked at London and thought the afternoon tea on a London bus was just what I would like or maybe the party boat cruise, oh so much choice. Think I will start hinting about my birthday next year.

Anyway this was my experience of booking an event for a 21st party, where do I start?

I did have an idea of what she wanted but how to go about organising it was like a minefield. I had to book a meal and nightclub in London, getting there was ok and staying was all sorted as they all had a friend up there. I did not want to ask the friend to book anything as I wanted it to be a surprise for all of them, they had been friends since primary school and were a super bunch of girls.

I started looking for events in London and planners on Google then I came across Fizzbox. The site was really easy to understand and the hardest part was the choice, so many different activities not only held in the UK but in Europe as well. I think I spent half the day dreaming about activities for myself. Must concentrate and keep to the plan in mind, I kept telling myself but you really should take a look for yourself here.

This all appeared so simple and I only had to pay 20% at the time of booking which was handy as then I could pay the rest on pay-day. Also if for any reason they had to cancel it was a full money back guarantee not that I could see why a group of girls would cancel a great night out in London.


I had a read of the reviews with them all being really informative plus there was a good selection of photographs that all helped me to make my decision, I had to be really sure as a 21st is a big deal. There was a choice of four nightclub events, two I could discard as they did not include a meal and I really wanted them to have a nice evening before the nightclub. So, the choice was between Ruby Blue and Sway, I had never heard of either probably because I have never been to a night club in London.

In the end I chose Ruby Blue at it was situated in Leicester Square, it had a roof terrace, the menu sounded really nice and it just gave off a really good vibe from reading the reviews.


After reading all that I wanted to go myself and feel sure I will be booking an event very soon.

Sitting on the roof terrace overlooking Leicester Square sipping a cocktail, what could be better than that, I hope they have a super evening and talk about it for years, I’m still talking about it and I only booked it.

For all your events then go to Fizzbox and they will organise it all for you so all you have to do is enjoy your experience.

Have a great night




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