We all can see the resemblances that family members have, some I find are very noticeable but others I fail to see myself. When someone says ow yes, she has his eyes…..I am thinking, really, I am not seeing that. Lol

What about traits or habits are they hereditary or do they just copy the other person. I was amazed when I saw this next photo, it is of two of my grandchildren. They are sisters but there is a ten year age gap between them, it was just a coincidence that they were photographed at the same age. They do the same things with their hands and fingers. They also look just the same as their Mum did when she was little. Lovely pictures.

20130624-101923 PM.jpg

I have had a lovely day today doing some editing and realised I have about five stories that are just about finished and I just went through them and put the number of words on them as I wanted to send some off to competitions. Not that easy, I have got either the wrong amount of words or wrong content! How exasperating is that, now what do I do? Change them or just leave them and start writing some more or just get on with my novel, I do like to have something else on the go though.

It is the last Creative Writing on Wednesday I am really going to miss it as I have learnt a lot and it is so nice to share your writing. It will start again in October so that’s good, I will be booking that up. Tomorrow is a writing day so I will go with what ever story I wake up thinking about.

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