20140422-115500 am.jpgWhat a lovely four day break, this was Sunny Sands at Folkestone, Kent yesterday. The fish stalls round the harbour had a busy day as everybody bought their fish to take home or enjoy in the sunshine.
On Saturday my friends Lynda and Matt came down to stay.

20140422-120222 pm.jpgSunday we decided to go for lunch as it was a bit overcast but as we did not think to book anywhere, I know bit silly as it is probably one of the busiest days of the year for lunch out. The Oriental Buffet fitted us in, which we have been to before and were not disappointed the food was cooked to perfection all hot and tasty. They are so friendly and will do all they can to make your visit enjoyable, children are welcome and even get a lolly pop. All my grandchildren like going here and we sometimes go for birthdays here.

20140422-121900 pm.jpg

20140422-121914 pm.jpg The duck was my favourite with the pancakes, onions, cucumber and sauce. The choice is amazing and you just don’t know what to have first.

20140422-120359 pm.jpg

20140422-120408 pm.jpg The wine was a good choice made by Lynda and myself and went with the food really well. Dessert was a choice of Strawberry gateaux, fresh fruit salad, chocolate fudge cake and a selection of ice cream. After all that nothing was accomplished for the rest of the day except chatting.

I even fitted in some pottering about in the garden yesterday, I am pleased with the way it’s all coming along and enjoy sitting out there reading or writing. The only trouble with writing on the laptop or iPad is the sun shine on the screen as I really don’t like sitting in the shade; I end up writing longhand and typing it up at a later date.

20140422-120936 pm.jpg

20140422-120951 pm.jpg The strawberries are coming along, I did have them planted but the slugs get them so decided to have a pink pot display of them.

20140422-121059 pm.jpg Anyone for tea? All in all I had a lovely Easter with family and friends. Theatre with Izzy on Friday, friends to stay Saturday and Sunday and Monday in the sunshine. How was your Easter? The best bit is now we have four days until the weekend then the following weekend is Mayday so another long weekend, have you planned anything yet? Have a good week everyone xx


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