I came across this the other day on Facebook so thought I would share to see what you thought of these statements.


Number one says laughing is because your lonely, I am not sure I believe that as they say laughing keeps your spirits up and generally keeps you feeling good. I always have a laugh when I am with my friends, there again we are normally laughing at one of us! Getting older and the senior moments happen far to often.

Number two is a load of rubbish as teenagers sleep an awful lot and they are not sad. Also people with a lot of the hidden illnesses sleep because they have too not because they want to. Many days I can sleep for a good 10 hours and still wake up feeling as if I have been up all night.

Number three made me laugh as if someone speaks fast with limited words they may well have secrets because you could not understand them! LOL.

Number four, if you cannot cry you are weak. So all these men that do not cry are all very weak, I don’t think I’m agreeing with that one either.

Number five, eating fast or slow comes from the type of upbringing you had, I do only say this from my point of view as we sat round the table for ages eating and the dinner parties were really long. I also think if you was one of many growing up then you just ate it quick before anyone else got it.

Number six, if you cry at lots of things your are soft-hearted, well yes I agree with that. I do also find that if I am feeling a bit low then anything a bit sad will make me cry. I can see nothing wrong with men or women crying as sometime you just cannot help it.

Number seven, I do not think getting angry over small things is an indication that you need love. Anger is an emotion that you can control and let’s face it if you were getting angry all the time you have no chance of finding love.

So the moral is, try to understand people more, maybe that should read:

Love yourself, be happy and treat everyone like you would like to be treated yourself.

Have a lovely day


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  1. 16th April 2019 / 12:25 am

    Absolutely agree with your final statement. That is the perfect approach to life. A number of the other mottos are open to debate, though number 6 definitely relates to me! I blub at anything!

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