When a family member disappears it shakes your whole foundation and you are left with a million questions of why or did I do anything to encourage this to happen and why don’t they just come home! 

Christina Scott goes to Pearl seven years after her husband went missing, he knew she was pregnant so her son has never met his dad so always asking questions about him. Now is the time for Pearl to take on the case of the disappearance of Steven Scott.

Getting to know the family especially his parents keeps Pearl occupied with not a lot of help from her policeman friend McGuire who thinks she is just wasting her time. I do like the way their romance is blossoming along in the background.

This story takes Pearl to church, children’s home, beach and the eery place called Oare which was where Stevens car was found with a note left by him. Things begin to unravel for Pearl as she keeps digging and the things she finds out all point to what happened to Steven.

This story really keeps you intrigued as as soon as you think you know what happened something else will become uncovered so it sends you back to square one. I would never have guessed the ending so you must read this just to find out.  I do also know that this is the second ending Julie wrote so I am intrigued to know what the first one was that the publisher wasn’t so keen on.

I love the picture on front cover, the boat looks all mysterious and was actually taken at Oare by Simon Dunn the photographer, post about Simon to follow this.

As always this book can be purchased on Amazon here, would be great if you could leave a couple of words for a review there.


Julies next book is called MURDER FEST



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