There are many large dating sites now that are spread all over the country in fact over many countries some of them. Do they offer a good service? I looked into this and discovered a few things that led me to my answer. The people that answered your questions from the big sites had no idea about the place you live, actually, some did not know where in the country or world it was! They could give you no local knowledge to help you decide on a place to meet a new date. There was no list of restaurants to use or even a place to have a coffee.  They really were sending you out in the cold and then leaving you. Did I feel safe? No. Did I want to carry on and meet someone? No. These sites may say that they have hundreds of people waiting to date you but do you really want to be talking to someone from another country? I fail to see why anyone would want to do this unless of course, they were emigrating to that country in the near future.

So my conclusion is that you pick a site that is local to you, that could mean in your county if the place you live is very small. This was how I picked Derbyshire Dating they offer you a service that is good and covers many areas there so you can meet someone who not only lives close to you or if you don’t want too close then search in the nearest big town to you. There will also be more choice of places to go for your first meeting in a larger place.  I don’t like to call it a date as you are just getting to know one another and I feel it takes the pressure off a bit about what you would like to find and what you want from this meeting. I also liked that they have events and do speed dating where you can go with a friend so it’s not so isolating as a meet on your own. These group events are getting very popular as they also make a good evening if your going with your friend and just think it might lead to your first Date in Derbyshire how good would that be?

Not only do they do local dating but also there are different groups that you can search in so you are not wasting your time looking for someone that is just not right for you. So whatever you are looking for whether it’s a mature single or professional single this company has it all.

Then for your first ‘date’ what a list of places from, Alton Towers to castles, in fact, there are so many great places in this location, so what are you waiting for? Get yourself on this site Derbyshire Dating and start living your life the way you want to, plus have a huge amount of fun on the way, I was thinking the speed dating! I love it.




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