The week before Christmas we celebrated my eldest daughters birthday, in fact, we had three birthdays so it was all a bit busy. We all had a great time though and I love nothing better than getting all my family together. We went to Blooms for Jodie’s 40th where the food was delicious, the service you could not fault at all and we all had a great time.



At the weekend I went to stay at Sam’s as I looked after the children for them, what a great time we had and they were very good. Lily thought my glasses looked good on her! lol, I must admit I went to bed when they did and slept all night so I felt ok the next day. They do like to help and Freddie is an expert at putting all the toys away.



We go to brickfields every year as a family to start Christmas off and we all have a good feed, the kids love it as they can go up and help themselves to whatever they would like.


I woke up at Billie’s and saw the delight on Mia and Zacs faces when they saw what Santa had bought them, there is no stopping them now when they go to the horses. Even Billie got a quod as well so she was happy.

I then went home for a bit before I popped round to Jodies where we had all had Christmas dinner but not until 7 pm as Izzy went to work in the old peoples home to give them their tea. Then there was a darts tournament that Kara won but Alfie did get a few bullseyes.


Having a lay in after all the excitement we then got ready as Jodie did an open house for the family with a lovely spread. The children all went in the hot tub and had a great time.


I was going to pop with Jodie for a cocktail at lunchtime but I then came down with the cough, cold and chest virus so spent the next few days in bed trying to do some writing as I really wanted to get ahead of things and finish a couple of projects off.

All in all, a very good and happy Christmas was had by everyone and now the saving starts for next year.


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