I went to Margate today to the Turners Art Gallery, why is it you never seem to go to the places on your doorstep. I am very pleased I went there today and learnt a few new things, always good! I am also using the experience for the Creative Writing homework this week so will be writing it up tomorrow. I found it very interesting to just looking at an exhibit and writing down short words or notes about what you see, then taking a closer look so seeing many details and things you would not of seen in your quick glance. It has opened my eyes so therefor seeing more for the first time.

20131105-080448 pm.jpg
There was one thing you could not miss at the Gallery and that was the lift, I have never seen one so big. You could fit 100 people in it, it’s just mad! I then tried to look at it from a child’s point of view and that will be the homework that you will be able to read tomorrow night.

20131105-080531 pm.jpg
These brass people reminded me of the wobbly characters from years ago.

20131105-080818 pm.jpg
The fireworks are very loud here and have been going off every night since the weekend so I guess it will carry on till the end of next weekend. The cat Peaches does not like them at all and is at present hiding under the table!


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