There is nothing better than laughing to make you feel good and Wednesday was a feel good day. It is always nice to catch up with friends that you have known for many years, you know each other so well and with true friends you don’t have to think about conversation as it flows non stop. There are 6 of us now that meet up every month well apart from when holidays interfere, some having more than others…but I won’t go into that, I’m just jealous. Lol
Blooms restaurant in Folkestone, Kent. UK was the venue, we have been there once before so new the food and atmosphere would be good and it certainly was.
Corinne had an unexpected parcel fall in her handbag and blamed it on the large square piece of wood that her tower burger came on, but very discreetly retrieved her burger and said it was delicious. As if that wasn’t bad enough at the end of the meal she then picked out all the lettuce and tomatoes that had ended up in her bag…….dessert any one? Lol

20140131-011454 pm.jpg
Sheila was a first timer and was blending in so well but by the time dessert came we new she was one of us when she poured the tiny pot of dessert cream in her cup of tea! Her excuse was it looked like the milk!
Sometimes words can baffle you, some of us having more trouble than others. One of the dessert was Cherry Clafoutis, it has now been renamed to Cherry Chalfont! It was written on a chalk board, you have to wonder if her lenses were in the right way!
Three hours later and sore from laughing we said our goodbyes all looking forward to the end of February and our next lunch.
Picking a new different venue should be easy between the 6 of us………I put an add for The Oak, Charing (pub) on FaceBook as they do a Tapas lunch so thought that would be good place to go. Sharon replied “Where do we have the Tapas?”

20140131-012841 pm.jpg
I will leave you with that!


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