What a scenic place to live with lots of beaches and open spaces but also the villages with their family run businesses where they know the name of all the local people but then in the town you have the larger shops where you can get everything you are looking for. This place must be spectacular in the summer so that must be why some people retire there for the quiet way of life, but let’s not forget that not all old people are sitting indoors with their slippers and cocoa. We still have the ones that want a good social life now they have not got to get up for work in the morning, what a lovely thought that would be even better if we could wake up to sunshine everyday.

There are so many people on the Isle of Wight dating site and who can blame them they are all looking for some friendship or even love. This dating site is so easy to use with you only giving as much detail as you feel happy with and then of course you have got more to talk about with your date when you meet them. Pick a coffee shop in town for the first meeting and make sure you tell someone where you are going and who you are meeting, it’s always best to be safe and I know not a lot can happen in a coffee shop but you might decide to go onto somewhere else after your coffee. Try to be a bit vague about your address at the first meeting but there would be no harm in giving them your mobile number as if they do become a pest you can just block them.

It has been known that some senior dating sites have led to people finding their solemate wouldn’t that be nice?  What a lovely way to spend those twilight years with your very own George Clooney, well you may not find him but I am sure they have some look alike’s!

If you are just looking for a companion to spend an afternoon with, going for a stroll or maybe a cream tea or a trip to the theatre and a nice meal, you can just put this down as what you are looking for. Have a look at the dating sites in isle of wight as I am sure you will find what you are looking for. Be clear in your profile about your choices then upload a couple of photos of head shots and then a full body one, there is no need to put lots up as they can see what you look like from one and if they like that then they will tell you. Then it is your turn to check them out and remember you can email them and ask anything you want to so then if you get the right answers you can then set up a date.

Happy dating in the Isle of Wight




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