There is nothing better than sitting on a soft cosy sofa in front of a blazing log fire while watching the snowfall like fairy flakes through the window. That just oozes romance from every angle and it’s what you can get in Fife, Scotland. I think I want to go there just for the Fife Dating and the romance, it all sounds so relaxed. We do many things in the summer and people get a bit stuck in the winter but many walks are so beautiful to go on and let’s not forget that the snowball fights are such fun and free. I often look at the photos of past winters and the fun we have had. Have you got a favourite place or time that you always remember?

I often take a bus ride to somewhere different just to see the views and the amazing scenery that we often take for granted. Autumn, we have many different colours as the trees and shrubs change for this time of the year. My children used to love collecting the different colours and shapes of leaves and then make them into pictures when we get home. One winter I had a wall covered in their pictures, a very cheap wallpaper lol. Not forgetting the hot chocolate with the marshmallows, you have to have marshmallows as it’s the law and so delicious.


Have you ever spelt out I love you with leaves, then press it and frame it with a picture of you both. What a way to remember your dates. Dating can be so much fun if you just relax and enjoy it, they call these first dates the honeymoon period and you can see why as everything you do together is a first time and exciting.

Fife Singles certainly know how to enjoy themselves and we still have so many more things to do, let’s not forget window shopping, I love that part in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn. Now that is something we can all do, work out which ring you would like!


If you are into Winter sports then this is the place to be, a bit of snowboarding or skiing is another leisure activity that many indulge in. Stay wrapped up and warm or is that the best bit, making the other person all warm and loved at the end of your date!

Many things to do in the winter with it all being just as much fun. For me it’s the blazing log fire, a super soft sofa with the fluffiest throw and socks then a great film or even some really old black and white films, you also have to guess the year they were made, no cheating though and reading the box.  Popcorn and drinking chocolate are also essential accompaniments.

What would your ideal date be in the winter?


What do you think?

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