Is that your hand wrapped around your mug to keep it warm?

In an ideal world, it would be enclosed in another not just warm but hot with anticipation and wonder.

What will this bring, will I enjoy it and many other questions jumping into your head. Can you remember those feelings and butterflies in your tummy as you get ready for a first date? The anticipation or nerves are always there but in a nice way as we always like to think that the next person we meet will be our dream mate or even our soulmate. If you are still looking for yours or your back in the game after a failed relationship then please don’t worry, as the saying goes there are plenty more fish in the sea and you are about to start reeling them in for your appraisal.  There is no better feeling and you can feel it again by logging in to the Cumbria Dating Site.

Online dating has never been easier so you can have a date for the works Christmas event or the family drink in the local pub or even the pantomime that you go to every year but normally on your own. Won’t it be good to share those special events with someone that ticks all your boxes? Then carry on reading as these tips will help you find a partner who is just what you need in your life.

The world of online dating has evolved over the last few years making it so easy that even if you have no experience of websites all you need to do is follow the instructions which help you to join and start your search.  All the important points are there just remember to be honest when filling in the questions as then it helps to find you the ideal date. Be very precise in what you are looking for as they don’t want to waste your time sending you profiles that don’t match your criteria. Not only that but also you can tick the boxes as to what you do not want as well. If you are honest with yourself about what you want and don’t want then it makes this process so much easier and then the fun bit begins.

You will be matched with things you both agree and disagree with so you know you should have some things in common before you start. Then look at the photos, many people use good pics now as let’s face it you make sure you look good when you go out to meet someone so you should look good in the photos that you put on your profile.  Also make sure you put a selection on head and shoulders, profile, full and maybe a couple of funny ones if you have a sense of humour that overflows. I have heard many people say that if they make you laugh then that goes a long way to a great first date!

Good luck and remember to enjoy yourself.



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