The single amongst us will not be single for long and who would blame them as Christmas is so much fun for two rather than one.  The many bars and clubs in Belfast will be bursting with singles looking for their date that they found online. It’s so easy now to pick out all the traits that you like in a partner and the more precise you are the better the chance of you finding exactly what you would like. It’s just like going shopping, I love it. Really go through in your mind from previous relationships, what did you really like about them or, did they do nice things for you, buy you flowers for no reason, leave a love note in your bag. So many little thoughtful things can make a good relationship fantastic. As long as you are both on the same wavelength then the world is your oyster. That also works the other way as well, please do not hold back in saying what you do not want in a partner, that does not mean just the main things like smoking or watching sport. Try to think about all the little niggly things that after a year feels like huge complaints, we all try to accept people for who they are, not changing them. So if you are going to love them unconditionally then don’t have any little problems as after a few years they will feel like boulders, not a tiny pebble.

This Belfast Dating Site is a fantastic place to start your search for your dream person, there are so many on here I am sure you will find the one. Fill in as much detail as you possibly can and be truthful as you do not want to be living a lie or even trying to remember what you lied about. Sometimes people can lie about their age but what is the point when as soon as you go on holiday they are going to see your passport, so many forget about that so then when they are in the departure lane and they look at the picture, glancing down at the date of birth and you then know you have been rumbled! What do you say? “I never have been very good with numbers” and try to laugh your way out of it. Do you trust them again? Yes, its only a number but what else have they lied about and it goes on and on. Be truthful always, then you never have to worry about what you say.

Take some photos so they are recent as there is nothing worse than meeting a 50 year old that said they were 30, why would you, your never going to look that young again so get over it and meet someone who wants you to be 50 as lets face it don’t the oldies have more fun? They certainly know more than the youngsters so that’s all good in the dating world with so much to choose from! Happy dating guys


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