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What a variety of cup cakes we can now buy or if we are good in the kitchen and have a bowl, flour, eggs and flavourings then even bake yourself. You can now get them any size, any flavour and just about any colour but when did they become so popular and available everywhere we go. It’s like they just crept up on us and are so delicious everyone became addicted to their favourite flavour and colour but what about the old Victoria sandwich, has it just been forgotten? They used to be made every week on a Sunday when I was a child, should I confess to eating the cream and jam side first as you always got one half with everything and then nothing on other half, why was that? Will the good old Victoria sandwich make a comeback, I hope so as there so much quicker and easier than lots of cup cakes.

I guess also it’s what you get used to, the idea of making a Pavlova now fills me with dread, all that beating the whites stiff and cutting fruit to go on it. There was a time I used to make one every Saturday and thought nothing of it, maybe that was because we lived in Australia so I never had to do the cooking at the weekend as it was a man’s job to do the barbecue. You can’t beat a good meringue though and lots of fresh cream and juicy fruit. On that note I’m off to the kitchen!

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