I spent a lovely evening in Canterbury last night in the best Waterstones shop, it has everything including a cafe for your much-needed coffee and chill looking at all the great books. I was attending a crime discussion with Vicky Newham and Rachel Amphlett and they sure had a lot to say about all the crimes and murders in their books.

Both authors have been down a very different route towards publication but it made no difference to the final result, two best-selling crime novels, we are so lucky to have so many fantastic authors.

I knew Rachel as have reviewed her book so I am looking forward to the next one, plus there are a few more in this series so lots to look forward to, I even mentioned in my review that it would make a great series!

Vicky’s book, Turn a Blind Eye is also the start of a series and I got to say it sounds brilliant so I really want to get my hands on that. I like the fact that it has an Australian detective in it, I love a bit of Australia as I used to live there and what a coincidence I lived not far from where Rachel and her husband have just sold their house as they are returning to the UK. I think this is brilliant as we cannot get enough of murders at the moment with so many in the charts but all so very different. Vicky’s is set in a school in London so I am sure we will recognise some places in that, I really like to picture a place when I read the book so its great that there are so many local stories about at the moment.

Both books are available on Amazon here.





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