Last week was very interesting as we did kinaesthesia in writing so it made you think more deeply about how a person looked, how to describe that look.  I found it very interesting and our homework was to relate it to our setting and one person feeling sadness there and one happiness so I related it all to Annabel and her family again so you have a bit more to the story.  I am looking forward to seeing where the story goes next and what is the secret?

Kinaesthesia in the Writing of Death and Sadness

Shoulders drooped forwards with her coat wrapped round her Annabel looked like a tiny frail elf with eyes like saucers all glassy, she took tiny steps in the short walk from the car park to the gallery.  Feeling the tears were trying to force their way out of her eyes but Annabel was trying so hard to be brave, her hands were all clammy were she had been squeezing them into fists as she tried to make the feeling of sickness go away.  No one understood her and she had given up trying to explain, even so she could not understand her Mothers attitude to this day out at all.

Nan had loved it here even when she was in a wheel chair and had to be pushed round, looking at the art work and the pictures gave her such joy.  When Nan was younger she had been an art teacher at the local school and had loved every minute of it, those days were about teaching Annabel, not all the paper work that you have to do now a days.  Listening to her stories about school and the very talented students she had occasionally had made Annabel try really hard at her art and she did really enjoy it, so coming here to the gallery with her Nan had always been their special place, also where Annabel had learnt about light, shading and all the knowledge that her Nan had bestowed upon her.

One day Annabel hoped to be able to come here and remember all the happy days, fun and conversations she had had with her Nan but today was too soon so all it bought her was sadness.


Kinaesthesia in the Writing of Death and Happiness

 Driving up to the gallery made her feel like smiling so she did, then remembering a funny moment when she had parked the car, got out and locked it, then looking back and seeing her mum sat in the passenger seat waiting to be helped out.  It probably wasn’t funny forgetting your Mum was with you but they had laughed all the way into the gallery. 

Walking quickly with a feeling of excitement in her belly she could feel her hands trembling as she pushed the door open.  Annabel was already inside and sitting just by the door looking straight at her with a vague look on her face.  Trying to understand why she was so upset about coming to her Nans special place was not working so she gave Annabel the keys and told her to go and wait in the car. 

Heading towards the big room with the wonderful view she stopped remembering the picture she had indoors that her Mother had painted years ago, the scene was the same but in the painting it had been a dull, grey day with the sea meeting the clouds a tiny bit of colour coming from a distant rainbow.  Today it was cold but a sunny day, even the sea looked happy with sparkly diamond looking bits in it.  Smiling and hugging herself she felt so close to her Mum here, this was where they talked about all the serious things Mums and daughters talk about on their own.  Wishing she was on her own so she could skip round the room shouting to her Mum that she missed her, loved her then whispering “your secret is safe with me”!


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