I thought this picture was really very scary with it making you realise it is all around us, definitely better for a child to realise what it is and what’s going on. Although I must say all the kids that I know have all accepted the changes so easily, even the teenagers have been staying in. From what I have seen it is the people in their 20’s that are having the most trouble and do not appear to be staying in very much. I am not sure why but they do seem to be from the “It won’t happen to me” era. It makes you think about all your friends and family and praying that they will all be ok at the end of this nightmare.

I tried to imagine what my grandparents would have thought about all this as even in the war they were allowed out but their food was rationed, goodness knows what would have happened here today if they had done that, I think there would have been a riot as the panic buying was bad enough. I really hated seeing all the food that was wasted when it was rubbish collecting day, they could have shared it with the people that could not panic buy.

It seems incomprehensible that a virus can actually stay on surfaces and then infect us at a later time, I feel for the people that do have to carry on and do their jobs in this situation. They are all to be admired and I hope they all get the recognition or even a bonus to just show that they are valued in this society.

When will it all end? Something we all want to know, even if they were to say June at least then you would know if you were going on holiday this summer and be able to plan and look forward to things getting back to normal.  I do not think the press have handled this very well at all, scaring people and printing worse case scenarios is not the way forward. As for the press conference every day, that I like as it is the facts straight from the horse’s mouth and no they do not know the answers to everything, we may have to wait months to analyse the data to get the answers. BUT, the questions the press ask every day are like a broken record, do they not listen to what the other journalists have said? It is all repeats of the same questions, how the panel does not turn round and say “I have just answered that three times, what other way would you like me to say it?” Very annoying!

Stay safe everyone



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