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This morning was the Creative Writing Group, woke up feeling very unsure as to whether I should go and in the end gave myself a little push and went for it. As I got there I was then told it was in a different building so had to walk there with an assistant, good job really or I might of walked off. It was a couple minutes past the start time so everyone was in the room, I immediately saw that even though the tables were all joined in a horseshoe shape (which is recommended) there was one person sitting on each table, so I sat on my own one too, not for long as I was joined immediately by another lady. That made seven of us in the class, three of which were men. We did the usual of going round the tables saying who we were and what we wanted to gain from the group. The usual form filling was completed, why they do not have one generic form for everything I will never know but that is what it is like in the UK.

We went on to read a ten minute play, which had three characters in it and then a discussion was held about what we thought was going on, what the play was about, how the characters played the parts. Then three people offered to read the parts so you then got a different view of the play as you could relate to the people in it. Most got the same scenario although a couple had different opinions, including myself but it was all down to your interpretation of what was going on. The author had set the scene very well and you got a lot from the few sentences he had written at the beginning and end.

We were then set the task of making up our own ten minute play with no set time or amount of characters so it was pretty flexible, we did our notes and first thoughts about that and then we have to finish it off for next week and take in copies for everyone so we can read out some of the plays. I have never written a play but came up with an idea very quickly which did surprise me (I think we do that sometimes) so that gave me some confidence in thinking that yes, I can do this. It is a good few years since I have had homework to complete. My first thought was, help, I have my blog to do and my stories to write, can I fit this in? I think I will have to be a bit strict with myself and maybe not read so many other blogs, they are so good though 🙁

So that was my day, then this evening I have my granddaughter here staying as we are going to get a train in the morning and go to London for the day, really looking forward to that. Will hopefully get time to write post about that tomorrow evening. I was also very happy as the weekend is going to be nice weather, in fact Sunday is looking very warm so that is going to be a garden day. The patio should be all finished by then, with lots of fairy lights and pictures. All being well will post pictures next week.

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