I was shocked at some of the stats on this website so have decided to become involved with them in some small ways, the first being this blog to inform others about the good job that they do.

Did you realise that one in four children self harm, that is so many and because these children don’t reach out there may be many more. What can we do as individuals to get these figures down?  The number one thing is to make this society instantly recognisable like the Samaritans or child help line. This can be achieved if we all pull together and get this in the news and in people’s minds.

The website is brilliant, children need to know about this and one way of doing this is by having a trained counsellor in all schools. They helped 11,000 children last year but there are many more that slip under the radar. We have 4 million children living in poverty and in 2018 that is a bad statistic that needs to change.



As you will see on the web-site there are many ways you could help, it does not need to take up your precious time, we all have busy lives but just by tweeting their posts someone else will find out about them and may be in a position to help.




I know a lot of us have a browse round the charity shops, the children’s Society have a shop in Deal, Kent so I will make the effort to donate to them in future and when visiting Deal have a look round their shop.


There are so many campaigns you could become involved with, lets help these children grow into caring adults and not fall through the cracks as so many do. Read the website at

Spread some caring everyone.


What do you think?

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