Have you read any of Charlie Gallagher’s books?

This week I plan to devote the whole week to Charlie and his brilliant books, he has written a few of them now, plus reviews and links to previous posts.

Charlie started off with the detective George Elms series of books that were set in Langthorne. You can read my review of the first one Bodily Harm tomorrow.

The books of the Langthorne Series:
Book 1 – Bodily Harm
Book 2 – Panic Button
Book 3 – Blood Money
Book 4 – End Game
Book 5 – Missing
Book 6 – Then She Ran
Book 7 – Her Last Breath

Then came the series about detective Maddie Ives, these are what you call true gritty crime stories so if you are looking for murder at the tea party then this is not for you. These books keep you turning the pages all night, you cannot put them down. You also are never sure what is going to happen next.

Maddie Ives Books:
Book 1 – He Is Watching You
Book 2 – He Will Kill You
Book 3 – He Will Find You
Book 4 – He Knows Your Secrets
Book 5 – He Will Get You

Book 6 is with the editor now, so not long to wait.

There is also a standalone called Ruthless.

Charlie is our Folkestone best selling author who churns out these novels roughly every three months. On Wednesday I get to ask Charlie some questions so keep a lookout for those plus some not yet released news about his books!



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