I would like to introduce Sally who has written the first guest post for the spiritualist thread here on my blog. Sally lives in the same town as me so we met at some local events. After chatting to her and others I decided it would be good to have a collection of different spiritualists and to see what they use.
I’m a Spiritualist Psychic Medium and Aura Reader with a company called
Spirited Sally Readings Ltd.
I was 17 years old and had just left home when I started hearing voices; I was cooking for myself in my tiny flat when I heard a man’s voice tell me I was doing it all wrong! “Does it really matter? It’s only for me” I replied before realising I had spoken to a disembodied voice. I was alone in the flat. Am I crazy? Or was that a Spirit? My gut told me the voice was my Great Grandad Sidney, he was a Chef in the army and finished his career as Head Chef at Folkestone’s Royal Victoria Hospital. From that evening I heard more of my families voices.
When I found the strength to tell my Mum she told me to talk to the doctor. Thankfully I had the courage to tell my friend Nadia, and she asked how other psychic mediums develop their gift? Good question! From here I did a lot of research, bought angels cards, hero-worshipped Derek Acorah (May he R.I.P.) and found out about what really is a whole other world.
In 2006 I joined a psychic circle and tried Crystal balls, tea leaves, reading palms, runes, psychometry (reading objects), more importantly, I made friends with people who were gifted like me, they understood what it was like. This was also an amazing time for psychic mediums as the world became more open-minded, and seeing a medium became mainstream.
I was working in retail and would give readings to my colleagues. This was when I started charging for my readings and seeing if I could be just like my idols. Though more importantly, I could see that I gave people hope, and faith that there is something after this life.
Fast forward to 2013, I came back from giving readings in Europe and I wasn’t well. It wasn’t till Jan 2015 that we found out I had a potentially life-threatening condition. I lost hearing in my right ear yet I also started to see colours around people. These colours were their aura, the energy you give off, says a lot about you.
As a Reiki Master, I was able to interpret the colours and shapes, I just needed a little practice. Being able to do this added more depth to my readings, and companies became interested when I explained how we can adjust our energy with colour and how teams can work together.
In 2017 I went fully self-employed, in 2018 my company Spirited Sally Readings went ‘limited’ and I have worked all over South East England including London.¬†Seeing my clients fulfil their dreams and full potential is absolutely amazing. I also love reminding my clients of free will, if you do not like the path you are taking you can change it!
I am always being asked who I recommend locally, the mediums I have a lot of time and respect for are Pauline Mason and Frances Philips.
Ben Barnett and Gemma Richmond are amazing at Reiki, and both also do massage.
My contact details are 07808 210796


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