Getting Your Garden Ready For Autumn/Winter With These Top Tips

Hopefully, many of us have made good use of our outside space this summer and during the lockdown when a lot of us might have been grateful to have some outside space. Getting out in the garden can feel like a real treat. But now the autumn is here and winter is on its way and with that comes the responsibility of getting our gardens ready for colder months. A bit of preparation in advance can go a long way for making more use out of it sooner next summer. With that in mind, here are some tips to get your garden ready. 

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Clear out old trees and bushes

It’s always worth having a good clear out just before the colder months set in. Not much grows during the fall and winter season, meaning your garden will be much better come spring. The last thing you will want to do is spend a lot of time on it in Spring. A great tip is to cut back the trees or bushes and to make the garden space much clearer. This is when speaking to a tree removal expert could be advisable. It is something you could do yourself but you need to ensure you take great care if you do. However, once this job is done you will notice a real difference to your garden during the next few months. 

Neaten up your lawns and condition

As we have mentioned already, not much grows during the colder months. Which is why it’s worth keeping tabs on your grass. This means getting it mowed regularly and neatened up the edges. It would also be recommended to give your lawn a treatment before winter sets in. This ensures that your grass gets vital nutrients. It helps with the condition but will also strengthen its chances of surviving a cold winter. 

Tidy up the flowerbeds 

While at this stage it wouldn’t be advisable to plant new flowers, through fear of them not surviving the cold. It is essential to tidy up the flowerbeds. This means getting rid of unwanted weeds and freshening up the flowerbeds. It helps to keep things tidy in time for spring once more. 

Consider garden storage ready for winter

Garden storage can be essential to making sure that your garden remains tidy for the fall and winter months. This could be a shed or some of the storage boxes. It’s a great place to store the garden furniture like tables and chairs you will no longer need. Or the electrical tools like your lawnmower or chainsaw. They can also be a real feature of the garden. If you have a bigger garden, a shed can also be a lovely design feature. May be painted in a colour or decorated to give your garden that extra wow factor. 

Steam clean patios and decked areas

Finally, this is the perfect time to steam clean those patios and decked areas. They can get grubby without you even realising it. But during the winter months that dirt can get a lot worse, making it a harder job to clean off come springtime. Get ahead of yourself and get them cleaned up. 

Let’s hope this has highlighted a few ways you can prepare your garden for fall and winter. 


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