I went out to dinner with my eldest Jodie on Saturday, I wanted to try Conchitas as never been there before. We had to book as it is a very small restaurant I would say only about 50 covers. The service was lovely, they are so friendly and because the table wasn’t ready we had some complimentary olives that I must say were delicious and better than my favourite ones! The wait was just right for our dinner and the presentation was super with all the little dishes.

Jodie had the chicken fajita, chicken cook just right so it was juicy, I had the salmon as it is my favourite, the flavours were gorgeous and a generous amount with two pieces.


As we finished off our drinks they came and cleared the table. We then sat there as we were going to have a cocktail and dessert to finish off the meal but then the good service appeared to end as no one came to our table at all!

I eventually had to get the notice of a waitress as she was clearing another table, I asked for the bill and that came immediately but no chat from her as to the meal or anything. So even though the food was great it really was a let down at the end. We also had spoken about the dessert to the man who seated us and took our order so that made it even worse really.

I know that they have just started a delivery service so maybe they were stretched a bit too far but I do think that paying customers should come first.

We did move to another location for a couple of pink gins and lemonade before we went home. It was really nice to catch up as Jodie seems to get very busy with school at this time of year.

What a month November was, I am pleased it is December but I am not out of the woods yet. Many of you have asked how I did in the NaNoWriMo, well after a good start I abandoned it as had a bit of a shock in learning that my Dad had died, so from the 11th I have been in a bit of a daze, with half the time not even registering that it is true. The funeral is tomorrow so I am hoping to get some closure and will throw myself into the spirit of Christmas if I can.


The writing group I started is going from strength to strength with more people coming to each meeting, our next one will be the 3rd January 2019. I am really looking forward to the talks each month as I have lined up a good selection of people right up until July so far.

Even though I do suffer with my mental health it was not a factor when I started the group even though it does get me out twice a month but I was pleased to hear that it was helping others too. I don’t think I had thought about how writers find relief in getting things down on paper to help them cope, even though I do that myself at times.

I am always amazed when something a bit strange turns out so good and that was what I found with the melts. I put the burner upside down in the little freezer in the fridge and just like magic you pick it up and the melt falls out ready for the bin. Genius idea.

Are you ready for Christmas and have you put your decorations up?  I am not bothering as I will be round the children’s houses all over christmas so it seems pointless just putting them up in here just for me.

I think that’s all the news, have a great week

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