We went for lunch at Chom Chom in Canterbury the other day, I had never been to one of these ones before, I did like the way you could have your noodles cooked with what you wanted and the sauce.


The restaurant was very clean with the staff super efficient. The only fault I could find was that because the food is left in the metal pots over heat some of the meat had gone very rubbery and tough which was a shame as some of the flavours were really nice.

It all went down really well with a glass of wine and a good natter about all sorts, I loved Lynda’s story about how she was introduced to someone and then called him the wrong name all evening! Only Lynda could do that and make it so funny.

The desserts were very nice with an ice cream machine were you could help yourself, the ice cream was really nice, I would go back for that lol.



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