Are you sitting indoors thinking ‘wouldn’t it be nice if I had a partner during these lonely times’?

You are not alone, being isolated makes you have many thoughts about your future with one of the big ones being dating, should you get back on the dating merry go round?  Personally I believe the time is right as let’s face it, we all have a lot of time on our hands so you can give this 100%

Where ever you live in the UK there are some very good dating sites so have a look round first, make a checklist about what you are looking for in a site and what they can offer you. I have found that Lincolnshire dating and the  Bristol dating site are very good.

Next step is to think about your ideal partner, realistically you may not find one with all of these attributes but it is a good starting point. Then put them in order of importance, maybe call your best friend to help do this as other people can see things that we sometimes miss and in the whole security way we have to be aware of, it is good that someone knows what you are doing.

Get yourself a new email address that you just use for these dating sites, this is so no one can link you to your social media accounts and become a bit of a stalker. You want to be in charge, giving out any of your information when it is right for you. Then right up a list about what you would need to know about the person you are thinking of dating, keeping it local to these sites has the advantage of not having to travel far when you do eventually meet. Long-distance has its problems but that’s for another post.  This also helps in not getting confused if you are chatting to a couple of people, which can be embarrassing if you are asking them about their job in engineering but actually they are a bus driver, yes I have been known to make that mistake and it didn’t end well.

I believe this time is great for getting to know someone through email as you can ask so many questions.  Once you have established the basics and want to go further, whereas before it would be a meeting now you can change to facetime. You have the advantage of always looking your best but even though you can chat to them anytime, remember they can do the same for you. Maybe keep the best clothes, hairstyle etc for when you meet. This gives you such a good opportunity of actually getting to know the real person plus if you keep a list of their information it is easy to check if they are telling a fib.

Eventually, if you decide that a casual arrangement is a way forward for you then try this Edinburgh sex site and  Strathclyde sex site as they just provide what you require but you can still get some of what you are looking for in the privacy of your own home in this lockdown.


Happy dating guys


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