There is so much in the news about the amount of plastic that is filling up our oceans, dumps and recycling.  I think we are all doing our bit with the many different bins we have for all our household waste but it is not enough?
What can be done?  My thoughts.
I think it is very simple, lets not cover everything in so much plastic, I am thinking of the toys our children get for christmas, the packaging is so hard they cannot even undo their own presents.  Mum, Dad or grandparent have to sit there with scissors, screwdriver, knife and the black sack to get the toy out of the packaging as it is so hard.
Lets go back to the company’s and stop this excessive use of plastic, you can view the item in the shop and then buy it in a brown paper bag.
We have our shopping delivered so no need for bags as they just take it out the baskets and put it in your kitchen.
How about having the fruit and vegetable man coming round on his truck, you get everything fresh from the market that morning.  I couldn’t find a pic of truck, I am not meaning delivery by horse lol.

Lets have the milkman back and milk bottles, more convenient than carrying containers of milk home and again it is fresh everyday.

I can remember the Corona man, every flavour you could think of and delivered to your door.  I  remember him coming in the evening when we were all home they take the empty bottles back.

I think it would make everything easier for working people as it would all be delivered to your door, no dragging children round shops and no heavy bags.  We would use our cars less so that is another bonus.
I do not go out like many people so we need the deliveries, I would love for these old things to be reinstated with the more people using these then I would imagine the prices would get lower.
I can see no reason why this would not work, what do you think?


What do you think?

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