The plan was to catch the 8.15 ferry from Dover onto Calais, that was running 30 minutes late but they informed us to get to the ferry at normal time in case they made up time, so we did….at 7pm

They did not make the time up and then they were unloading the cargo from our ferry when a huge load did not stop when told to so the lower deck doors were pulled from their fixings so it meant they could not be shut. That ferry was then taken out of service!

We were then put on the next one so we had a very long wait in the loading queue. Once on the ferry and sitting having a coffee I then had a bad thought about whether or not I had put the hand brake on, so I had to go find someone to take me down to the car deck to check and yes I had so all was ok. We eventually arrived in France at 11.45 their time! so we then drove on as the roads were very clear. Then parked up and had a cup tea then went to bed, setting our alarm for 9am

Lets hope tomorrow goes a bit smoothly with no delays.




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  1. 2nd October 2018 / 2:28 pm

    Oh dear! I’m sure it will have been (largely) forgotten once you were sitting down with that first glass of wine.

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