I was so looking forward to getting the camper back last week, getting everything back into it as it has all been under my dining table all winter and beginning to annoy me. Sylvie took me down to pick it up and then I stayed at hers for the night so we could give it a good clean and get her ready for going away this week. It is half-term here so was looking forward to getting away with one of the grandchildren.

In the camper there was evidence of water in the shower tray and sink so they had checked everything for the habitation certificate. I filled the water tank up, turned the pump on expecting water to come out the taps when turned on but no it was emptying the water out under the van, which was one of the things wrong with it when I took it back for them to sort out last September!

I am a very angry customer, the workshop was closed all weekend so I have had to wait until Monday to get in touch with the manager, he has been in a meeting for three hours so far!

Oh dear! Guess what there is a drain switch under the bed that empties the system for the winter…..I need to turn it off!  Oh well, back to Sylvies at the weekend to get it ready for a trip away.

The only good thing was that I stayed the night at Sylvies and we had so much fun and a little bit of prosseco. This is Sylvie with her light that she wears to go and put the chicken Katy to bed, lol.

Getting on the floor to find another bottle in the fridge caused some issues standing up but luckily her son Matt was there to help her and retrieve the bottle.  He also said that we sounded like a couple of fourteen years olds when we went to bed chatting and laughing, just a shame he didn’t say we looked like a couple of fourteen year olds!



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