20140702-104044 am-38444073.jpgI have had a small digital camera for years and always been happy with the quality and also the smallness of it so that it fits easily in a small handbag on nights out. I then started to use my iphone for nearly all my pictures as it is so readily available all the time…. No, I’m not on my phone constantly, well maybe for research!! It is the research and reading of other blogs and there are so many great blogs out there now, I wish I had time to read more, I can often lose a few hours on BlogLovin (love that site of blogs) Anyway I have decided I would like to take better photographs so the research began, how many cameras are there available? Too many, that’s what I think as I was confused in the first hour. I then decided to talk to a photographer friend who was very knowledgable and put me on the right track of DSlR, (Digital single lens reflex) how many of those? Far too many. Then I was told about a bridge camera, which basically means one between a small instant and a DSLR. The lens is fixed so no changing lenses and carrying about different ones. You alter the fixed lens manually or the camera does it on some. Now this sounds appealing as I am a beginner and then I discovered that some are wifi enabled, what a bonus and makes it so easy to upload to blogs, FaceBook and all the other social media sites and of course your friends and family. I am sold on the style I would like, now to find one, what make?

20140702-104143 am-38503390.jpg I thought Sony was good but was told Nikon or Cannon but then I found a Fuji one that I love, no recommendations from anyone mmmmmm is there something wrong with Fuji? Well no, not that I can read anywhere, they are a bit more expensive than what I was thinking about spending, the cheapest one I have found on-line is £177 so it is a lot of money for a novice photographer but then you have EBay so I will be keeping my eyes peeled on there for a bargain.

This is the best of the best I have found but it is nearly £400 so way out of my league but it’s weatherproof lol what more could you want?

20140702-103147 am-37907657.jpg
What camera do you use? Tips and comments gratefully received.



  1. 2nd July 2014 / 11:37 am

    They are so easy and u can upload to anywhere. I must admit I would be lost without mine xx

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