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It is amazing how a bit of sunshine can boost your spirits prompting you to do some of the things you have been putting off. I do still need to clean the windows though! I sat myself in the garden for a few hours and I changed the five minute play I wrote into a short story, it all seemed to flow very well so I am pleased with the result. If you have not read the play yet that I wrote then pop back a few posts and have a look. Feedback on the story would be appreciated.


We could hear the chatter from the coffee shop as we approached, knowing it would be busy on a Saturday afternoon helped us to blend into the crowd, even knowing we had a reason for being here together, I still felt guilty, no way was I going to act on this guilt though. I was going to have the best night tonight that I have had for a very long time.

Approaching the desk Steve asked if I wanted a latte, I wanted to scream at him
“No I bloody do not, I want a cappuccino like I always have it is your wife that likes the latte, I do wish that you would remember that Steve”. He gave me the sorry, sad eyes look and I melted and snuggled into his side. I loved him so much how I could be mad at him. I gave my reassurance at the beginning of this affair that I would never complain about his wife or the way he shared his time between us, it was so hard especially on special days.

I saw the seat become vacant so telling Steve I was over by the window I went and sat down. I loved pretending that we were a happy couple out for a coffee and shopping for clothes as we were going out tonight to the works annual summer ball.

I think I fell in love with Steve the moment I walked through the door of his office, tall, fair and so incredibly handsome that I just went to pieces and stumbled my way to the chair for the life changing interview. Steve asked all the normal questions about my background then telling me all about the company he had started from scratch and was now big enough for him to have a full time secretary, me!

The phone call that came an hour after I left the interview was going to change my thoughts and feelings on life for ever. He sounded so happy with a twinkling in his voice that I was to become addicted to. We arranged to meet at four at a tiny bistro in town, knowing about it but never having had the opportunity to go there we ended up making it “our place”

We sat and talked about the job and what he expected, it sounded like a doddle which I could accomplish in three days not the five that he was paying me for. As it was getting late he asked if I wanted to dine with him, so we could get to know one another, was how he had put it. The meal looked wonderful but I would never be able to remember the exotic tastes of the dishes that Steve ordered, I was smitten. Looking at his expensive looking watch he declared it was past eleven so he would drop me home as he did not want me walking home on my own. My mouth lost the ability to form words in the car so I just sat every so often glancing at him out of the corner of my eye. Stopping outside my town house he said how much he had enjoyed the evening and could not wait for me to start working for him the following week. As I moved to get out the car he lent over and putting a hand on my arm making me turn to look at him he gave me the briefest light brushing of his lips on my cheek. Once out of the car I turned, putting my hand up as a goodbye, he did not drive off until I was indoors and had shut the front door.

The affair started so slowly that it sort of became natural and right, the first time we spent the night together was at a luxury manor in the country, I had never been anywhere like it, he had booked us in for joint massages that were out of this world, there was nothing I didn’t love about this man. That night he held me in his arms and told me he was married with a daughter of fifteen! I felt like the room was crushing in on me but he still held me tight not letting me go until he had explained his life to me so in the end he didn’t have to hold me, I stayed in his arms and from that day I had loved him with all my heart. I lived for the day we would be together, knowing it was six years away was heart breaking but I tried to not think about it and enjoy the time together when we could snatch treasured moments.

Returning with the coffee Steve sat down, getting the contract out of his briefcase we went over the amendments quickly, saying I would type it all up Monday morning so they would get it Monday afternoon if I faxed it over. We both smiled at one another as that contract was worth half a million to the company, meaning a few thousand would be siphoned off for our life together in the future.

“Right, enough about work” Steve declared, in a low voice leaning towards my face so I could feel his breath on my face he asked me what I was going to wear that night. It was our first ball so very special, the setting was a large hotel with their ball room looking out over the beach with a door leading out as it was a private beach for residents only. We had chosen it together, sure that the loyal workers that we had employed over the last year would enjoy every moment of the evening. Whispering in Steven’s ear all I said was white, suspenders, backless dress! The intake of his breath was all I needed to know I had made a good choice!

Talking about the evening and where we were going to meet I asked Steve if his wife might change her mind about not going tonight, no, she has already told me that she is going to visit her Mum and Dad in Surrey for the weekend as she had no interest in going for a night out with employees of the company! Just then I noticed a group of teenagers sitting with their back to Steve as one of them turned round and spoke to Steve saying
“Oh! Hi Dad, so that’s where Mum is going tonight, to your summer Ball. We have been shopping for hours finding her the stunning long red dress and accessories, leaning in close to her Dad she whispered “even suspenders Dad, have a great night, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. I am going to stay at Lilly’s so no need to worry about me”.

The colour drained from his face slowly his eyes loosing there twinkling instantly, finishing his coffee he said goodbye to his daughter and walked out!

Ordering another coffee I sat knowing my time with Steve was over, he didn’t love me!

1175 words

Bit of a long post so hope you enjoy xx

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