Like so many illnesses brain injury is sometimes invisible which you could think is a good thing that no one can see that you have an injury but also a lot of the time this causes more problems as if many people cannot see it they do not even think that you may be suffering or in pain.

This month awareness is to make people more aware of all these things that you can’t see. This also goes out to the many officers in benefit offices as they appear to be one of the worse cases of not believing you are ill if they cannot see it. What happened to just believing the persons doctor who see’s them constantly for their pain relief and medication. When you see someone who is on strong pain relief that says on the packet do not drive or operate machinery, some would be taking more that one lot of these tablets but yet they say you are fit to go to work!

Mental health in students is becoming more common or is it just that we are hearing about it now and people are not suffering in silence. When you think that when a person goes to university they are not only leaving the safe place called home and their family, they are moving to maybe a place they do not know, adjusting to living alone or with a stranger, getting used to the way of learning at a university and the big one the amount of work they have to do.

It is no wonder some suffer with their mental health as when you read that above list it really is very daunting and frightening, I know I would not like to be in that position.

Lets not forget primary children who from the age of seven have to sit their sats, this is not just a little test that teachers just give them. They have practise papers are told to do their best and it is built up into this big issue that must scare the living daylights out of some children. Why are we constantly tested, what happened to enjoying school?

You may think that adulthood is hard but for some the hard part starts from when they are a child and that’s without thinking of the many family problems that children have to deal with. I do think we need far more compassion and understanding for everyone as lets face it I don’t think anyone has a really easy life anymore. What are we creating?

Look after yourselves


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