I was talking to a good friend on-line a while ago and he reminded me of when there used to be bottle collections so the children would go round getting everybody empties and then they would take them to the bottle collection and they would get a few pennies for their efforts.

Well I got to thinking and if there was a small deposit on all bottles then I am pretty sure that the children would be collecting them all pretty quick so they could get some money. Would be great for the kids that do not get pocket-money and it could even give them a bit of incentive to save towards something with their parents help.

It would also help with the whole recycling effort and much less for the dustman to collect as their services are getting less frequent when actually it should be more services with the amount of rubbish we all consume so returnable bottles would help all round.

I feel pretty sure that if everyone put their bottles by their gate the children would have them collected before you got back indoors.

Our government need to do more to ban the use of some plastics especially carrier bags, brown paper bags were good enough years ago so why not now and we all take our bags to the shops now anyway. When I have my shopping delivered they unpack it all from the crate onto the side so its easy to put away.

It is nice to see the milkman being used again but now they don’t just deliver milk you can have all sorts delivered to your door, even your spuds so no carrying heavy bags.  It must make it so much easier for the many people who do not get out for any reason. I know when I am not feeling the best and cannot get out that the deliveries make all the difference and you don’t have to keep asking people for help.

There have been a few petitions about green things but nothing appears to be getting done by the government so if you see one please take a few minutes to read and sign as that appears the only thing that they take notice of.

Happy recycling everyone


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