I do like to buy a book, pages all crisp and new. It is the front cover that attracts me to the book, not the title or the author, I look all along the shelf and immediately there are always two or three that will jump out at me. Then I read the title and what it is about and finally the author and if all that is a yes it goes in the basket.

I like a lot of authors work now so I tend to know what their books are about from the social media sites and then I go to the book shop and look for that one in particular. Most times ending up buying a couple while I am there.

It is a shame that small book stores are struggling now as they are so friendly and helpful, always having time to stop and have a chat about the latest releases. They cannot compete with the supermarkets doing deals like three for £10 and I think we are all guilty of putting some in the trolly with the monthly shopping. Lets face it that is a bargain and the choice is getting very varied now as demand is growing.

What about the ebooks? The choice is far and wide, selling for such small amounts or even free for a lot of the time. You can view them on almost anything now from your phone to iPad or laptop and if your memory is big enough you can keep them. But is it like a book, you hold it if its small enough, you turn the pages on it, it just does not have the smell of a nice new book or even an old book with memories of the people that have read it, sometimes writing their name in it. Do you get the same satisfaction from reading an ebook?

I have collected books that have been signed by the author, you cannot do that with an ebook. I like to see bookshelves in people’s homes, looking at their varied taste a bit like their music collection. But even the music has gone digital no need to buy CD’s now just buy it from iTunes, so we will not be able to see people’s music collection or their book collection. We will not need book shelves or CD racks, minimalistic homes we will become.

I have got some ebooks but not read any of them, I read a couple of pages and it just does not feel the same. Give me a book, old or new and I will read it and probably keep it until I have to get rid of some to the charity book shop so I can fit new ones on the shelves…..there is a limit to how many shelves you can fit in, I have four and no more room. I have some of my grandparents old books but I just cannot let them go, they are part of them and my history.

Lets all buy a book and support our brilliant authors!

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My great Aunts poetry book, she even penciled in the ones she liked. I only ever had to learn one poem and that was The Brook by Tennyson. One of her cookery books.

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Who used to read the comic Jackie? My Nan and Grandad had it delivered for me with the newspaper, I was always up early that morning. When I took Izzy to meet Jacqueline Wilson she was saying how she worked at the publishers that first printed Jackie and they took the name from her.


What do you think?

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