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Have you always read books or did you start as an adult?   Where did your love of books come from?

My love started as soon as I could read so birthdays and christmas always bought a few more books. I loved the annuals at christmas time. Every night saw me go to bed to read and most times never turned the light out until I was threatened with the removal of the book. Once I started a book I had to finish it, there was no, just reading a couple of pages and putting it down. I am still like that and will read all the time no matter what is going on. I think my reason for reading at such an early age was escapism as I was a very lonely child even though my grandparents were the very best I always felt very different from all the other kids. Divorce and living with your Nan and Granddad were unheard of then.

We had the newspaper delivered every day and Nan got her magazine once a week and she used to read me the story about the robin and as soon as I could read I had a comic delivered, I was always up and ready early on those mornings so I could have a quick read before school. I think Twinkle was the first one and that progressed up to Jackie over the years and then Loving and Love Affair as I loved the stories in those.

Enid Blyton was the best author as far as I was concerned, how did she think up these great adventures although I used to think she was writing about herself and envied her so much for having such cool friends and camps.

I would never give any of my books away and made Granddad put them all up in the loft in a big metal trunk, not sure how he got the metal trunk up there. I can remember when I was married asking him if I could have some of the books and he told me he had given a lot to the children hospital, I was devastated at the time but pleased they went to a good place.

I used to read library books every week as we used to go every Saturday to change them and I am sure I read every Enid Blyton book they had. Topsy and Tim was also a favourite of mine. From the age of about ten I helped out in the library every Saturday afternoon, how good was that stamping the books out and going through the cards and then I made a library at home with all my books.

As I was an only child and lived with my grandparents I would often get a bit bored so Granddad used to make up topics and I would get a new exercise book and then go and find the books I needed and find out about the topic Once it was clouds and I knew all the names of all the different ones and did drawings of them all. I guess once a reader always a reader and I now read almost any books apart from historical as I prefer the modern-day. Of course my dream would be to see my book in a library or in the window of Waterstones.

img_0123.png (750×925)   img_0121.png (374×262)





This was a free book on Amazon a while ago so thought I would start on my free books. I didn’t realise it was the first in a series but it was good so I will look out for the next one. This is about a FBI agent who crashes her car and loses her memory so as she is trying to work out who she is, her job carries on with her doing things automatically. Her two children seem to spend more time with the nanny and her husband seems a bit distant. While all this is going on, is there someone out to kill her as a few things are happening to her. Then there is the two men that have been murdered in a rather horrible way and is there a connection to the artifacts stolen from a museum.  Sounds like a lot going on but it all works really well in the story. I really liked that there was a twist at the end as that makes the lead on to the next book very interesting. Good police drama with a family life wrapped around it.



This was a very different idea but it worked really well and kept you guessing trying to work out what was truth or a lie. A few characters and I would have preferred a book so I could go back and look to see who was who as I did get a bit confused towards the end but I am sure that is just me, I have the memory of an ant, no lie. You can see the doubts beginning to surface but it takes until nearly the end to put it all in place and there are some shocks in there. Will Susan discover the truth and who is trying to scare her away? Is she trusting the right people or just falling into what ever they want, who ever they are? I read this very quick as it kept me engrossed trying to work it all out. Good 5 stars from myself and one to recommend.

Just the title and cover made me want to read this story which was free on Amazon. I started to read this today and have just finished it as once you start this you cannot stop. It is probably the most emotional story I have ever read.

It is hard to believe that this could have even happened but the American court system was not the best years ago. Thank goodness things have changed now and one would hope that nothing like this could happen.

For a father to abuse their own daughter is unthinkable but that is what happens here, as soon as she realises what is happening she thinks the courts will protect them and keep her father away from her…..But they don’t!

For a mother to take her child and run away to keep her safe is a truly wonderful person but the heartache and loss of home and family makes the decision a bit easier to come home. After traveling and living in many different states they come to the end of the road as the FBI are close on their tales and Ben is arrested.

The love from this mother shines out all through this book, even at the beginning when she was young and naive she still loved unconditionally.

The next part of this story is what happens after they give themselves up, I cannot wait to read it. Definitely in my top 3 books of the year.




Still Me by Jo Jo Moyes

Publication date: 2018, by Penguin, Random House, UK

Pages: 472

After reading Me Before You and watching the film it is so good to catch up with Lou and all that is happening in her life and it is all happening.  In a way I thought that this would not be as good, it had a lot to live up to but I was proved wrong as this story is very good.

Lou is off to live and work in America as a companion to a young, rich, polish wife or living the dream as Will told her to do. Thinking of him often and then meeting someone who looks very much like him does throw her a bit. But Lou is at last in love with a living breathing male that hopefully will out live her. Sam is a paramedic who is building his house the only problem is that he lives in England, surely they can do a long distance relationship for a year plus seeing each other every couple of months. It all sounds so simple but of course there are a few problems that turn into major changes for all of them.

If you liked the first book then you will like this, it finishes off the story lines very well and keeps you interested and turning those pages. I read the hardback version as was given it for a review by a very nice author, my arms are still recovering from holding it up, lol.



This was a brilliant read that I had to finish quick as couldn’t wait to find out what happened. This was a bit sad when you realise what the mother had done all those years ago but that is what makes this story and at the beginning half of this book you would not guess what was going to happen. A brilliant well written piece by Sarah that I will recommend for your christmas list’s. I do not want to say too much as it will give it away and I think that spoils the reading. Characters that are intriguing, leaving you never knowing who is actually telling the truth. Very enjoyable reading that kept me thinking.




I can hear you all wondering why I am announcing my book of the year in October?

Sometimes you read a book and every word and line excites you and sits with you like a security blanket, you stay up half the night as you just cannot stop reading it.  You have no idea what will happen next as it is so very unpredictable so this keeps you turning those pages as quickly as you can, you cannot wait for the next terrifying thing to happen. This even made me a bit jumpy as the weather was awful at the time of reading this so there were noises outside that were alien to my ears, this may have even contributed to the power of this story.  I know in my heart that this is probably one of the best books I have ever read or likely to read in the future.  So this is why I am making this my best book of the year 2017.

I also feel that many will relate to some of the events that happen in this story, I know I can and with the ME TO status going round Facebook at the moment it makes you realise the magnitude of the domestic violence problem

The story starts with Freya the P.A for James, she has worked hard to get to this position and is well liked.  Living with her best friend, visiting her parents and spending time with her boy friend all make her life complete.  Until she meets Kane!

Dazzled by his charm and charisma she has soon ditched her boy friend preferring to spend time with Kane, his cars, money, flat and extravagant life style all appear to put blinkers on her eyes to everything else.

He controls her, if she disobeys you begin to see the nasty traits that this man has, blaming his up-bringing on everything he can always talk her round with his devious, underhand ways.

Eventually she leaves, thinking this will all be over but how wrong she was, this is only the beginning of a terrifying ordeal that will leave her with scars that last forever they may fade but they will always be there in the back of her mind. Her family gets pulled in, her friend end’s up leaving the flat and Freya is back at her parents but at least feels safe there.

Years later it all starts again and if you thought the first part was bad then this gets even worse, not knowing what he will do next Freya’s life is once again on hold just waiting for the next thing to happen but this time she has to protect her daughter.

This is an excellent five-star read that you can buy now here at Amazon.

Patricia Dixon writes this in the first person so it reads a bit like a diary and I think that is what makes it so compelling.

I am looking forward to reading the next book from a very talented author.  Thank you for a brilliant story.




What a lovely story and such a brilliant idea as I am sure there are an awful lot of lost things in this world.  I love the way some of the things all have a connection of some sort and that is what ties this story together so magnificently.  The characters all work really well together and I just loved Sunshine and her little gems of information she just popped in there, sometimes without Laura realising.  This is to me a happy book and I really enjoyed reading it.

I was pleased to see that it is one of the Goodreads books in the awards so I have voted for it, if you want to vote you can here.


I would also like to say good luck to all the authors who have books in these awards.



Oh wow, what a story, Lisa has pulled it out the bag again. Surprise after surprise, you just never know or can predict what is going to happen next so I just kept on reading so I am going to blame Lisa for my low word count in NaNoWriMo!

You may remember Flora from a previous novel who was held captive for so long then finally when she came home she is just a different person and appears to be on a path of helping abducted people get away from their abductors.  Setting up a website she steers people towards fighting back and escaping, will Flora ever be normal I don’t think so, she was taken and abused for so long she does not know anything else but she is good at helping locate people and that is how she ends up helping DD the cop she befriends and even trusts a little bit, not that she would admit to that.

This story is heartbreaking when you read what these children go through and how it eventually breaks them and their family. There is no happy ending but there are surprises and shocks for everyone. I really do love a good book that keeps you so engrossed and you never know what is going to happen next and this gives you that. A good five stars of super writing, brilliant characters that all bounce of one another, becoming interlinked in surprising ways.

This is in my top five of the year!




Some of the time when reading this I thought I was reading about myself as we have all been there if you have tried internet dating, but a real funny story and nice light entertainment.  I love Morgens way of writing here as it all fits so nicely together, such a variety of character’s that add the fun and realism to this book.  We could all be an Izzy and you do have to laugh at some of the dates or you would just despair.  I was so enjoying this book that the ending just sort of crept up really quick and I would have liked it to go on a bit more about who she ended up with, I just did not want it to end.

I could just imagine this as a TV show with each date being an episode as it would be very funny.  This is the second book of Morgen’s that I have read and really enjoyed them both. You can buy them both on Amazon here.



I have a few of Carol’s books featuring DI Robyn Carter and they just seem to get better and better.  The team of police who have to solve a murder get no closer to finding out who did it when there is another murder, no clues as to who did this but a lot who could have committed them.  Robin tries to keep her mind on the job but then an attempted break-in at her house and thinking that she has seen her dead partner all play a big part on her ability to find the killer.  With more murders and being no closer to finding who did it, she relies on her team to pick through the evidence.

Really clever writing as there are a few characters in this story that all intertwine with each other and actually any could be committing these crimes.  I loved this as I do like a good mystery and this really is as you won’t get who did it until towards the end.  Well worth waiting for though as it is a really good story.

I hope carol writes another one in this series as there is still a question mark about her dead boyfriend, is he really dead or is someone playing tricks or is she really imagining all these things?

Lets hope we do not have to wait to long.



This was a free book on offer from Amazon, it sounded a bit different so I got it.  Very pleased I did as really liked the story line about the two police detectives where one is autistic and the other is like a father figure trying to look after him by way of explaining to others his little habits which go a long way in solving crimes.  I feel it gives you an insight into how some people cope or I should say adapt and the response of others, I think we should all have a bit more understanding for some people.

While trying to solve the murder of sir James who was found with no limbs they step upon a new cancer treatment that is conducted underground.  Kidnapping and murder lead to beatings and even the arrival of the SAS it really keeps you turning the pages.

A lot going on but I found the way that Roper ( autistic man) uncovered the clues and his thought process amazing to read about so that made this a detective novel with a difference.

Yes there are some mistakes in the writing so needs proofreading maybe before re-publishing again but that did not take away the brilliance of the story for me.  Looking forward to reading the next book in this series and really hope Michael Leese keeps on writing.



There was a stage when I didn’t think I would be able to read this, I found the first chapter a bit hard to really get into so I left it a while and came back to it.  I am so pleased that I did as this is an absolutely fantastic story that is written so well by John Boyne. 

This is a bit of a history lesson about what it was like in the 50’s growing up in Ireland, where a young girl getting pregnant and a boy who thought he was gay are just not what happened in that time. The girl got pushed out of her home and left to fend for herself in a strange town. Boys having feelings for their male friends was against the law and if you were not beaten to death then you were put in prison and then probably beaten up.

I never did history at school so I felt this was very informative and added to the enjoyment of reading it as I did not know what to expect. I think I will follow this up with some more history reading as I really enjoyed this so much. The settings of different countries just flow with the story and you end up really feeling the emotions of all the characters.

Once you start reading this wonderful story you will not be able to put it down so get it on your christmas list quick.  This book is number two of my best book reviewed this year, absolutely amazing!



I really do like these police adventures, this one is about missing teenagers.  The detective Elsa Myers has a bad history herself with the story going back remembering that, while the present day mystery is happening at the same time.  Very well written as I didn’t get confused at all and really enjoyed it. FBI agent Elsie Myers will have to find herself and face her past as well as get to the missing child. There is a lot in this story to make you want to carry on for all the answers.

Problems with Elsa’s family including her sick and dying father make this a heartfelt read as well as a police case.  The characters all blend together and stick out for their own values, I am sure this will be the start of a series and will be one to look out for during 2018. Karen Ellis will be a name to remember, she has a unique style of writing that will jel with many people.



This was very interesting learning about what the magazine industry used to be like and for anyone wanting to know about journalism in the 80’s. Not that long ago but so much has changed and will continue to do so I feel. A cut throat business that discarded you as soon as your face did not fit.

So many contributing factors affected each magazine.  You would think that rising sales above expectation would please the editor but if advertising rates have not been set to cover all sales then that is no good at all. The start of the glossy pages that warranted brilliant photos, you had to get the best photographer for your magazine.

There were 2,500 new magazines launched between 1979 and 1989! What a difference to now as many are only digital versions these days. Only the best are still in print!  This book is a world of knowledge and really very interesting.



I thought this would be really good but for some reason it did not grab my attention, there was no actual reason I just could not get into it.Please do read it for yourself as the first couple of reviews are very good


I did get to about a third of the way through but there were many characters with the story lines going from past to present and I found it really hard to keep up with it all. The writing was good and the concept of the story, it was just too much for me.  Please read it for yourself as you may well really enjoy this story.



10 out of 10 does not seem enough as this story is brilliant, great characters that will grip you as you follow the life of D.I. Kelly Porter when she returns to her home town.  A cold case, a man dropping dead in dubious circumstances and trafficking, a lot going on and a very dangerous situation.  Can Kelly get to the bottom of this without anyone else being found dead or will they get to her instead?

I love a good police drama and this is one of the best as there is so much more to this so it keeps you gripped until the very end.  I am so pleased that this is the start of a series as if it carries on like this I can see it being at the top of my best books by the end of the year. Down to earth characters that will make you realise how things like this can and do happen, definitely a book to purchase now!



Landing in Italy to be reunited with her dead mothers family was the last thing Mia wanted to do but she had to obey her father and as it was his last wish she didn’t really have a choice. Hurting and feeling so sad she spends her time cleaning and categorising the contents of an old shop, this makes her feel useful and it was good to use some of her training as an archeologist. The owner handsome Salvatore spends more time with her, then taking her on a beautiful day trip to Naples. Mia likes him but she knows she will leave as soon as she gets the call from her stepmother telling her to come home so the two of them can bury her father, so there was no point getting attached to Salvatore but a casual fling would help pass the time. What she didn’t count on was that his feelings were not at all casual.

Finding herself and her relationships with everybody was hard, she was on a journey of self discovery but will she like what she finds out about herself?

This is a story written from the heart that spans countries and ideas, will Mia find the answers to her life and where she goes from here?

I really liked this and it was brilliant to read a well written love story with a difference as nothing is easy in love. The setting in Italy sounded gorgeous and you could just picture the view from the descriptions written here.

I like this author A.L.Michael so will be looking out for the next book.



Not my usual type of story but even so I really enjoyed it, I have really got into my reading this year and I think it is because all the books have been good.The plot is about a woman who only see’s her brother once a year as he works for the king, then he goes missing so the king sends for Lyra.They set of on a mystery looking for her brother and the king’s sister. Lyra develops her magic  capabilities to help them on their voyage.Action all the way through with some good characters and well written.



A young boy in America and a girl in Scotland, what is the connection? This has you turning the pages quicker than normal. Why is Rebecca’s brother telling her things and having private school paid for him when she is with her grandparents hidden away in Scotland. Killing, comes easy to some but how far will he go and will Rebecca survive. I really enjoyed reading this it certainly is a good thriller.

A troubled boy in America who loves his Dad, doing well in school and then it all changes and his Dad has gone to prison. Going to live with his aunt is made even worse as she is only doing it for the money often locking the door so he can’t get in. He wants revenge so when he gets the chance there is no more nasty aunt. How far will he go to protect the one he loved?

Subtle and intriguing makes this thriller one not to miss, I really enjoyed it and was not sure what to expect at some points. A worthy 5 stars and get it on your to read list.


I wish to thank Netgalley for sending me this book to review. I thought it was a bit slow at the start but so pleased I kept on reading as it got better and better. Eleanor is a very quiet, stuck in a routine kind of girl but everything changes after she meets Raymond but will she recover from so much hurt, change and coming to terms with her past. Very well written and an unusual story so I can see why it has become so popular.


img_5171   img_5172

This was a lovely surprise as I won it from the Goodreads giveaways that they have all the time. I like this author and have read many of her books in the shopaholic series but this one beats those. This is full of love and warmth and I am sure many women will connect with Sylvie and her life.

Sylvie and Dan think they know each other so well that the marriage will get boring so a few ‘surprises’ are attempted with them not going to plan. Then there comes a time when Sylvie thinks she does not know her husband at all! From thinking he is having an affair, to her mother becoming very odd and no one wanting to know how she is feeling it all becomes too much for Sylvie. What should she do?

This will keep you up at night it is so good. I would like to thank Goodreads for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book for them.


img_5634   img_5633

Thank you to Dane for sending me this autographed book to read and review. The action starts almost straight away with a young girl being run over and killed but the problem then arises as no one could see a driver in the car!

Leipfold the private detective is then on the case, he has not had any work for a while so times are hard. Then Maile, who is a computer genius starts to work with him for free, what a good crime solving team they make. I was really pleased this is the start of a series as they are really good together.

What makes this story so appealing is the fact that you never know the answers to any questions, they keep you hanging on until the end and it is very hard to solve any crimes.

Brilliantly written by Dane Cobain, looking forward to the next book.


IMG_5515  img_5683

I loved this and think it would appeal to many 9 year olds like Alfie or even younger and if read to them. The illustrations are appealing as they look like a child would do them and I mean that in a nice way, simple but appealing to a child and not too much to take their mind off the story. I am sure Alfie’s friends will be borrowing the book to read as he liked it and read it very quick, he is a fast reader and tends to go for big books as he is a free reader at school so he takes his own in to read.

I would like to thank Lawrence for signing the book and sending it to us for review.

ALFIE: I enjoyed this book and it made me giggle a few times. Also, one of my favourite parts of the book was on page 10-11. Pages 10-11 are about the new shopkeeper selling a boy real mice! He then threw up; the picture was hilarious. This story was funny and awesome to read. I thank you an awful amount for letting me and my nan read this book.


FullSizeRender - Copy (3)

My friend Sally told me about this book as it is written in letters to people from your life.  I think it is a brilliant way of remembering but also saying things that you wish you had years ago.  I am thinking of writing about my past and Sally suggested I use this method and I must say that since reading this book I have decided that it is a brilliant idea.

Dawn has a way with words that makes this book so entertaining and to be honest she does not even need the reviews as it has sold so well.  You get to know her and her family in such an endearing way that you like all of them.  Some aspects of her life were not so good, I won’t go into details and spoil it for you but I do know how hard the changing schools constantly was but Dawn French got through it all very bravely.

I am so glad I bought this book as it was a joy to read and I would recommend it to everyone.



Anne sent me this book to read and I was hooked from the first page, the story is so realistic and the characters warm and believable.  It was lovely trying to picture the scenes in Guernsey, maybe a bit more description would of given me a better picture but it does seem a picturesque place to visit.   The turmoil of the families keep you going to the end and there is enough for a second book if it was carried on as only the basic ending is given here.  I am looking forward to reading more books by Anne.


This is the second book of Anne Allan I have read, they are both set in Guernsey and really get a hold on you once you start, I actually had trouble putting this down which was good as I did not feel well at the time and it took my mind off the pain.  Anne describes the island of Guernsey in so much detail it makes you really want to go there as it all sounds so lovely.  I love a book with a happy ending and all the loose ends tied up and this did just that superbly.



Sue sent me this signed book of  Next Of Kin to read and by reading the blurb on the back I knew it was going to be good.  But I was shocked, it is not just good but fantastic and is up in my top three books.  I really liked Girl on a Train but this beats that, yes it really does.  It should be up there in the best sellers list, for a debut thriller she has written a super book.

What starts off as a brother and sister story with the typical bickering going on but before you know it a lodger appears and things then go from bad to really bad.  There are a few bits that surprised me and I was not expecting but that just added to the suspense.  I never realised I liked these kind of books until I started branching out and reading different genres for my writing. This is definitely a ‘can’t put down’ book and I really hope Sue writes another thriller as she is very good.

I love the way the main character Sarah goes to so many lengths to save the people she loves and you can just imagine someone doing this.  Her brother Ryan is a typical young man but he develops during the book but grows up too late to protect his sister.  Very believable characters and fantastic story that you really must read.

Well done Sue Welfare, looking forward to your next book. x


I really loved this story it is such a happy book and makes you feel good reading it, Sue is a very talented author in fact a very talented lady.  This is the second book of Sue’s that I have read and both very different stories but appeal to the reader.

The characters are so lovable especially if you have lived with teenagers the bain of your life but they all grow up to be great adults.

If you want to be kept on your toes with all sorts of surprises then this is the book for you as it is full of them.  Ending with the party of all parties but will they all recover?  Be sure to read this book to find out.



This is a delightful book for any girl to read, nothing horrible just happy kid experiences and some wishes too.  The main character Charlie is in year 9 with boys as mates that she goes on adventures with.  Suddenly everything changes, making Charlie question her feelings and her family.

The old house sounds great the way it is described in the book, even having its secrets for Charlie to find.

This is a great book and I would recommend it for all girls.  In a very subtle way it reminded me of Enid Blytons books.  Well done Rebecca Emin, may all your dreams come true.



Another best seller from Carole Matthews and it even got the backing of Mary Berry the famous cake cook, as she simply loves Carole’s books.  I read this very quickly as it was so good and I just did not want to put it down.  I was craving cake all the time I was reading it though.

Fay Merryweather, what a surname, I love it.  Anyway Fay is a great character even if you just want her to think of herself at times and not everybody else, she flows through the book so effortlessly that it is fantastic reading.  An absolute great book that I would recommend to everyone and you will see why Carole is  a Sunday Times best selling author.

I liked all the descriptions of the canals especially The Grand Union which goes through Milton Keynes and I really want to take a trip on a narrow boat now so have started looking.  It all sound so wonderful, so long as it is not raining.



I was looking through the books in a charity shop and came across this one, it appealed to me because one of my grandaughters is called Mia, so I bought the book.  I think I have had it a few months and a couple of weeks ago I saw it on my bookshelf and got it out to read.  As I read the covers I realised how interesting the book was as I have lived near to where Mia has lived all her life, I had a few holidays when I was younger down on the Isle of Sheppey.  I also have a huge interest in clairvoyance, with many psychics telling me I have the gift.  I have never been able to use it apart from using the cards on some friends.

Mia is very well known in the physic circles and has been on a lot of TV shows and also helped the police.  This book tells the journey of how Mia taught a journalist how to be psychic or to use her gift all in the space of 6 months.  I like the way the book really explains how this was done and it also makes it all sound very feasible.

If you have an interest in anything psychic or you are a sceptic then you really should read this book.  I found it really interesting and have begun to do some of the exercises she writes about.

I have found Mia on Facebook and I am really hoping to meet her one day as she sounds such an interesting person.



Matthew sent me his book to review and I am so pleased he did as it was one I could not put down and stayed awake one night as I just had to finish it.  I have already lent it to my friend, telling her what a wonderful book it is.

As you read it, you feel sure that the author is actually going through these emotions as they are so real and raw.  He packs a lot of feelings in but in such a real way, for a man he really has got a grip on how women feel.  When I finished the book I re-read all the covers as I was sure that he had actually written this from experience, yes, it is that good.

I would love to read more of his books and will be recommending this to everyone.  I did shred a tear at one point as the ending could of gone either way and I think I would of cried at both as this is a heart wrenching book but also full of genuine feelings, fears and life situations.  I love the characters and also how the book ties up all the loose ends, it does not just leave you wondering what happened and I like that in a book.  This story would make a great film and I think it would touch a lot of hearts all over the world.

Wonderful book Matthew and I am looking forward to reading more of your work. x


This is the second of Matthew’s books I have read and I love them. This is different as each chapter is about a character and they only get one each, chapter I mean. Amazingly it is enough as they all link together, really love this combination and it works very well with this story.  All strong people who appear real as this whole story is so lifelike, you can just imagine all this happening.  Absolutely love this book and you should read it ASAP.

What a brilliant story, well done Jane Holland, this is going in my top five of books as I loved every bit of it.  Kept you on edge wondering what was going to happen next, made so many guesses as to who killed Eleanor’s mother which is how the story begins and got it wrong every time. Actually the ending came as a bit of a shock as it was the one person that I did not think of.  The story flowed so effortlessly as it was written really well, characters true to life and extremely believable.

I am finding this a bit hard to write as I really do not want to give anything away so it spoils it for you as you really have got to read this book.  This is up with the top best sellers. I really loved the way everything was ended completely so you had no un-answered questions as that is really annoying.  I know its good for a follow on book but after reading something you need to know what happens in the end to these people that you get to know during the story.

I will be looking out for other books by Jane Holland its a shame mine is on my Kindle as no one can borrow it.



I am so pleased I met Matt and bought his book as it was extremely good.  If you suffer or have suffered from depression, anxiety or panic attacks then this book is a must read for you, I feel it not only gives everyone hope who is suffering but also it is a wonderful feeling to realise that you are not alone and the feelings you are having or had are not unusual.

To know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and you will reach it eventually is hard to imagine so reading that he did gives you hope.  He was only 24 when all the lights went out from the inside, his battle back was long and slow.  His girl friend Andrea was constantly by his side, eventually becoming his wife and I feel sure that that helped in such a massive way as she always seemed to say the right things.  That comes from a person with a deep understanding as not many can do that and seem to say just about everything we do not want to hear.

I admire the man for writing his most innermost thoughts on a subject that is not received very well.  The long road back that has so many dips and turns is very hard especially if you really don’t want to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This book should be in all waiting rooms as I am sure it would help a lot of people. The trouble with depression when it sucks you in is that you have no control over it, it stops you thinking and feeling anything apart from the blackness.

The day I met Matt I was discharged from Mental Health and I had a conversation with him about this, he asked how I felt and I told him how isolated and scared I was, “I bet” he said.  Knowing exactly how I was feeling.



I have had this book on my shelf for a while as have so many to read at the moment.  I wish I had realised that there is a set of three books as this is the middle one so I want the end one so as I can find out what happens.  It is a good story and well written by Sylvia Day which you would expect as she is a very talented writer and very popular.  I loved the characters and the fact that Eva is so normal and down to earth, I guess it is all girls dream to meet a rich and wealthy young man and she does.

A wonderful book but please buy the set as I am sure it would be a wonderful read.



Feminism, what does it mean to you?  If you are like me it brings back memories of The Suffragette movement and years later women burning their bra’s.

This book takes you on a journey with the author Bee Rowlatt to discover what the first celebrity feminist Mary Wollstonecraft discovered on her journey.  The sense of achievement they both felt while travelling from country to country with their child, not an easy thing to do what ever year you do it in.

This story encloses you into the depths that it goes to discover what feminism is, how it has changed or has it?  Woman have evolved but they still negotiate careers and babies with remarkable strength but the one thing that was present years ago and today, it all revolves round the love we have in our lives and for what is ours.  Love gives us the power to continue and up-hold all we hold dear as we stroll down the path of life.

This book was amazing, it took me longer to read as I was devouring every bit of information and feelings that it evokes in you.  Bee Rowlatt is an amazing author and woman and this comes through the entire book.  Well done Alma publishing for bringing this book to us, it is wonderful and I highly recommend it.


What a lovely happy book, I was dragged into it as soon as I saw the cover and those gorgeous eyes, I need a man like that. lol His character is so lovely and genuine which makes a change as usually they have an ulterior motive but him and all the characters are good people. I love a book that makes you feel good when you are reading it. The story is not uneventful though as at one point I thought the female lead was going to end up with someone else or even leave. In some ways it reminds me of years ago when families were big and all stuck together in a good way of course.

I loved the descriptions of the weather and at one point pulled the covers up as I was reading in bed. I am looking forward to reading the next book and indeed the series so Gloria you need to get writing.

Gloria Herrmann will be visiting the UK during 2018 and doing lots of signings and meeting her readers so watch this space as you will see it here first. If you are a fan and would like to meet Gloria then please let me know.

Gloria will be in Belfast for the Titanic Signing on Saturday 24th March 2018


The Cloverleaf Series

After reading the first book about Loving Liam and absolutely loving it, I was looking forward to carrying on with Maggie’s Marriage.  I was not disappointed as it is a lovely feel good, happy book.  You know everything will turn out ok in the end but the story keeps you entertained.

As you get to know the characters you will fall in love with them as they are all so lovely, in fact I feel a bit sad that I am not part of a big family like this that all actually like each other. This could even be made into a TV series as it has all the ingredients to make it a big hit.

I am now looking forward to the next book which is all about Patrick, I think he is about to find true love without feeling guilty about his late wife.   Definitely a book you have to read, will suit all ages and it will make you feel happy.

Well done once again Gloria Herrmann.



I loved this book and gave it five stars, I found it really entertaining.  I do not know if any of the publishing world is like the things written in this book but you could very well imagine them to be and even think that they probably are somewhere in the world.

I loved the characters and their individual stories, they felt so alive to me, I think it could well become a back stabbing business if there were no rules to live by.  Alessandro has captured the lives and stories superbly and I really did not want it to end, he could even do a follow up book when he has the time.

A lovely man to talk to and also has the Alma publishing company, go check out their books as there is a vast selection.  Bee Rowlatt’s I have reviewed on here and there will be another one coming soon.


What a wonderful story, I loved all of it and would not have guessed what was going to happen in it like you can some stories so it all came as a surprise.  Characters were full of life and described very well.  The setting sounded just like a place you went for your holidays when you were small and always wanted to stay and live there.  I am looking forward to reading more of Laura’s work.  This is a must read happy book that will keep you enthralled until the end.


After reading Kathleen’s first book in this series it was good to read another one as the story is full and engaging so keeping children hooked until the end.  I love her imagination and the history that is thrown in and you don’t even realise you are learning.  Great characters full of descriptions so you can really get to know them and follow their adventures.

I love the way you never know when the story is going to end, so you keep going and more things happen.  Great book and I am sure most children would love it.


This is the second in the series and she has kept us hanging on again but it’s all good as we all really want to know what happens to them all.  I love these characters even if they are living in a world of money all of us just dream about.  I guess some would say it is a slow story but I like the detail that Carlie puts into her books so you can really imagine the plot.  For a second book Carlie has done really well and I wish her all the luck in the world for her future writing and hope I am one of the first to read them.  x


What a lovely story, I read it very quick and loved the characters.  I could just imagine her farm and I guess it is a few peoples dream to go get your own eggs from the garden for the cakes you make.  I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series, just right for Spring days sitting in the garden.


I had this book on my Kindle and have started to read it before I go to sleep as you don’t need any lights on so I can just drift off, I do have a bit of trouble sleeping.  This was a super read with handbags in it which I love and very enjoyable characters, I did get a bit confused with the men but that was just me and I did work it out eventually.  I also liked the way you didn’t really know how it was going to end, I really like that in books as if it’s all very predictable it can also be a bit boring.  I am now looking forward to getting the rest of these books and seeing how the characters all develop.

I really like Alexandra’s style of writing so I will keep a look out for her new books and let you know.  Would highly recommend this to everyone.


The sun was shining as I made my way down to Rye in East Sussex this morning making it a beautiful drive through the Marsh.  Arriving at the bookshop I could see that it was already busy with two authors doing their signings.  I have only read Guys book, Death in Profile which I read in three days so yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now really looking forward to the next one in the series of The Hampstead Murders.    What a good feeling knowing there are more great stories coming from an author you like.

Hampstead, London is where the murders take place but the police find it hard to connect any of the leads they have so eventually they use a psychological profile but even that does not turn out as straight forward as they would hope.  This leads them to convict the wrong person forcing the police the look at the facts again and try to solve the murders in Hampstead.

This book has you trying to guess who has committed these crimes and I must admit it lead me on a false trail and I never did guess who did it until the end.


fullsizeoutput_12e4    IMG_5416

Another brilliant old style police murder mystery by Guy Fraser-Sampson, set in Hampstead, London with the police we have come to know and love in Guys stories.  I think this is the best one so far and I really hope he will write some more in this series as it grips you, with the old-fashioned breaking down of clues and suspects.  I did think I knew who committed the murder but then other red herrings were thrown up so I changed my mind.  It is nice seeing the same characters and getting to know a bit more about them they bring the modern into the story. Once you start reading this you can’t help but carry on collecting the clues and even though the police were at the event where it all took place it didn’t help them a bit, which I thought was good. definitely a must for your reading list this year.



I met Franca the translator and publisher of this book at the Folkestone Book Festival last year, she was so moved by the book that she began a publishing company just so she could publish the book for us all to enjoy.

This book follows the route of a mother and daughter fighting the disease that is robbing her mother of her memories.  A very moving tale following the life of Esperia who comes from a small village in Italy.  A sensitive and powerful story of love through the years and family life.

I enjoyed this book and the details it covered on all levels.  This disease robs people of their life as once the memories are gone, what do you have? Donations from this book are going to the Alzheimer’s Society as the research they are doing is very needed before we lose the memories of the ones we love.



What an amazing book and very different to what I normally read, I am so pleased authors are sending me books to review so that I am reading many different genres.  I really like this author as she describes everything in such detail that you can almost see and feel it.  The characters Jack and Leah are great and you really want them to live happily ever after, so many obstacles are put in their way.  Immortality is a word that can conjure up lots of ideas but it would be great if we were or would it?  This story makes you think about many things and would make a good prompt for creative writing classes as you can take a lot from it and make it into anything you want.

Jen Printy is a great author and I look forward to reading more of her work.  A great book that I would highly recommend.


The story of a wife living a tormented life by the hands of her husband, I think he is a bit mad as you could call this torture.  Remaining silent so she gives her children a home and family but never realises how it affected them, then the shame of living with the fact that their mother killed their father!

A story that goes through the years in no order, I can understand why Amanda wrote it like this but it is hard to follow as you are shifting through the years finding out things in a muddled order.  This may be just me though as I had to concentrate so I didn’t lose the thread.

I really wanted to know more about the children and their feelings, thoughts and life over the years.  I really wanted them to understand why their mother killed him and how much she protected them.

A super story that kept me gripped all the way through as wanted to know more and more about the wife.  Unexpected events, like the holiday never turn out how you would think so I loved that as never really knew what I was going to read about next.

Great book by Amanda Prowse, looking forward to reading more by this author.



This is the second of Amanda’s books I have read in the last month and was not disappointed as again it was lovely, flowed well  with great characters.  A good book to take on holiday to accompany you to the beach.  We all want the best for our children and strive for that to happen but also caring for your ill mother all squashed into a small house makes everything that much harder.  Then your daughter gives you a surprise that you think is just going to ruin her life!  This story probably connects with so many people who can see themselves in this position but this gives you the hope to carry on.  Wonderful story another hit for Amanda Prowse.


I have got to say that this is one of the best books I have read for a while as nothing was predictable in the story at all and I love that.  So even though it could be about your neighbours as it is a regular family living through a break-up nothing is set in stone and anything could happen.  Most you would not think about so there are surprises along the way.  Even the ending towards the end you are still not sure as it could go anyway.

Once again Amanda Prowse has excelled herself in writing a fantastic story that will be another best seller for her.  I am excited already for her next book, her writing just appears to flow through so easily and gets you gripped from the very beginning so you just cannot put it down.

A 5 star best seller that you simply must read.



I have been meaning to read this book for a while so as I have not been feeling well I thought it was a good opportunity and I am so glad I did.  I read it in a couple of days as it’s one of those books that you just cant put down.  It is so well written and I loved the characters, I will recommend this book to everyone and gave it 5* I really loved it.

There are so many things I love about this story as on one hand it is just like the girl next door but then you taken to the other scale where a boy played in the grounds of a castle for fun.  I have got the next book so will take that on holiday with me as I just know it’s going to be good.


The best bit is that they have made a film about this story that is released in UK on 3rd June 2016, I cannot wait to see the film.  I like to read the book before I see the film as you often find you know the little bits that they do not include


This is the book you need to get for long lazy days of summer as this will take your mind of the fact that the weather is so crap miserable considering it is supposed to be summer.  I do love a good mystery and this certainly is that as I made loads of guesses and never got anything right, OK, you may be better at it than me.  These characters were great and I am really looking forward to their next adventure especially if it is in Greece as I do love that country.  The story flowed really well considering you had all the members of two families and it was all kept straight forward so you never got confused about who was who.  The end went on a bit and could of been condensed with the ending of each character but it is nice to know what happened to each of them with the way left open for future adventures.  Great book by Luke and looking forward to reading his next book.



Was browsing through my Kindle, how did I get so many books on there and came across this, how pleased was I when I started to read it.  Brilliant book by a brilliant author, loved the way it just flowed making it such an enjoyable read.  I love a story that has surprises and things that you just do not expect to be happening.  The Mum was described so well it really made you feel her pain and I am sure that no one knows what that pain is like unless you have been in that position.  In some ways the ending was abrupt but I didn’t really need to know what happened to the woman as it was all about the child.

I like the planning of this book as it is split into chapters about each character, I think this is what makes it easy reading.

A perfect book for dull, rainy summer days, well done Linda another great book.


Just read this last night and really liked it so am now going to read the series that follows on from this.  Great story and is open to go in many directions so really looking forward to reading the next one.  Love the characters and very believable if you have had a teenager live with you.  I like the way Sarah writes, making it an easy and enjoyable read.  I am off to read now. x


After reading Spirals I was looking forward to these next books and I was not disappointed as they are so well written that I could see how no child could not like them.  I love the way the stories all follow on but are still different in their own way.  I think Sarah Dalton has got the recipe just right for these books and I am sure they will be best sellers.  Her new book Haunt Me has also just been released and that is also getting fab reviews.  Well done Sarah x 


I loved reading this book so much that I could not put it down and read it all in a day!  I am still not feeling the best so that is why i can lay reading all day but it was very enjoyable.  This story really makes you realise how quick things can happen and then you have no control.  I was really shocked at the end as it was a cliff hanger like no other, i was so shocked as I had not paid any attention to the fact that it was the first in a set of three!  I am now looking for the second one which is called HELD I must say I am eager to read it as the story was so good.  Brilliant author who has written a few books that all sound really good, she will go down on my list to look out for when I visit the charity shops for more books.


After reading the first book GONE in this trilogy I was so looking forward to this the second one and I was not disappointed. The story followed on and flowed beautifully with scenes set with so much description you felt like you was trying to escape with Macy yourself. This is an agonising book and the parents pain becomes yours as you read through it.

I am now looking forward to the final book where I hope there is a happy ending but you never know. Stacy is a superb author and I cannot praise her enough, you need to read the books and you will know what I mean.



This is the third book in the trilogy and it is even better than the previous two, all the loose ends were finished so no wondering what happened to anyone.  The main character Macy is such a strong person and it really comes through and makes you admire her so much.  She is a fighter and refuses to give up even when things get very hard for her, the struggles give her more determination to get home to her parents.

These stories make you realise how easy it is for children to disappear and that is a very scary thought.

IMG_4361IMG_4360 IMG_4359

Stacy Claflin is a very talented author and I really do recommend that you read these books as they are extremely good.  Not many characters but you get to know them all so well and really feel for them with what they go through.  It must be horrendous losing a child and never knowing if you will see them again but Stacy has captured the feelings with such heartfelt writing, it feels so real in places.   Brilliant writing Stacy.


IMG_4380 (Edited)

I am really liking these psychological thrillers at the moment and can’t get enough of them.  This one is another great story written by Celina Grace, I have not read any of her books before but I will be keeping a look out now for them.  I know I have said it before but I really love a book that you can get stuck into and you are surprised by some events, meaning that you never get bored while reading.  This certainly did surprise me at the end as I had not even thought of that happening.  I never give away any good bits from the books I read and review as that takes all the fun out of it if you know whats going to happen.  Sometimes I don’t even read the blurb as they tell you so much which spoils it for me.

If you are looking for a super read while on the plane to take your mind of flying as that’s what I do then you really must get this book.  You will not be disappointed.


Kara bought me this book for my birthday, what a super choice as I really liked this story.  It starts off nothing like it finishes with the suspense keeping you reading while hoping that Julie will be ok.  Lots of things occur that you would never dream a person could do but I guess it can happen.  This is not just a love story but a story of suspense and drama that you never know how it will end.  I could not put it down once I got into it so it is a good read, I loved the dog and would love one that seemed to understand you like Julie’s one did.  Another great book by Nicholas Sparks who is also the author of The Notebook, loved that story as well.


My friend Carol gave me a book token for my birthday so I wanted to get one that I would keep and continue to look at and then I remembered about this book. I have had it on my WANT list for so long so I was so pleased to be able to buy it and I was not disappointed at all, it really is a superb read with so many different parts in there.  I love the recipes, could you imagine putting vodka in penne pasta?  I will take pictures and do a taste test when I make it.


The other book I got this week I wanted for my writing and again I was so pleased when it arrived as so many good points and words that I am sure it will be used a lot.


My friend Angela the sci-fi author told me about this book and can understand why she loved it so much.  Well worth getting if you are an author and get stuck for words at times, I find I know a word in my head but I just cannot recall it so this really helps me.


Judy Finnigan is well-known for her stint presenting Good Morning on ITV with her husband and it was only once they left that she decided to start writing which she had always wanted to do.

Her love of Cornwall really comes out in this story and I loved all the references to places and people there.  I guess if you are not spiritual then this may not appeal to you but I would like to think that this can happen to anyone you are very close too.  I loved that the suspense keeps you going until the end as you are never sure who the bad person is, I even thought it might be her husband at one point.  The characters are great with the story flowing and captivating you into their secrets, I was so keen to know the end that I read half the night to get it finished.

A wonderful summer beach read especially if you are in Cornwall, I wish I had read this before I went earlier this year as I would have liked to see the places she writes about



It is rarely that I read a book that I cannot get into at all and I usually persevere so I can do a review but this one had me struggling from the start.

There are so many people in it that I was losing the plot totally, it jumps about in each chapter and I had to keep going back to try to make out who the person was.

I realise that this might be just me as with the M.E. I do struggle at times but it was all the time in this book.  It was a shame as I was really looking forward to reading Fern’s book.

Please do try it for yourself and I would be interested to know what you thought of this story.


I cannot remember where I got this book from but I love it and am 80% through it, so emotional and true to life.  I could really feel for them as I suffer from the same thing, it really does make you feel so useless at times.  For people who cannot understand Chronic Fatigue or M.E. they really should read this book.


Renea emailed me after connecting on Facebook and asked if I would review her book, of course I said yes as I never say no to any authors as I feel so privileged that they have taken the time to find and interact with me.

I have not really read many adult books, apart from Mr Grey of course and this is mainly just because the romantic part of me likes a good chick love story.  I was not sure what to expect after seeing the cover but I am very pleased to report that I loved the story, for some reason which escapes me, I was not expecting something that I could not put down as the events kept you reading more to discover what happens.

I loved both characters, the plot and the way the story flowed so effortlessly with something always happening that you could really relate too.

The ending was a surprise as I was not expecting it to be a family member but I will say that I thought more could be made of that fact as it all felt as if it ended really quick.

I will be looking out for more of Renea books as enjoyed this one so much, even if I am dreaming about hot policemen now.


img_4024.png (329×501)

I could not put this down, what a great mystery and I never did guess who the killer was until it said.  Abused women always makes you think of the husbands so it was a fantastic cover up for the killer.  I loved the characters and the way they all worked together really well also bringing into the story lots of different angles that kept you turning the pages.  I read this in a day as just could not put it down, the friendships that developed gave it a real human feel and I loved it.

Marla Madison is an author I will be looking out for as this was a super 4 star read.


I read this book a couple of weeks ago and have been longing to tell you about it as it is so good.  Made me laugh out loud in places as it is so down to earth and these things really happen.  Jon really makes you feel like you are there and experiencing all the emotions of the characters.

This is out today on Amazon and I fully recommend it, maybe even a Christmas present for someone as I am sure they would love it.

Jon Rance also has a Christmas book out now so you could get both and that’s your Christmas reading taken care of.


This is a funny feel good book which is ideal for long summer days in the garden.  I would imagine Jon wrote some of this from experience as it certainly has a ring of truth to it.  I love the way the characters mind runs away with mad answers for some situations and we can all relate to that at times.  At some points in the book you are not sure exactly how it is all going to end but I guess we all want a happy ending.  Harry Spencer really is a believable person and the lure of greener grasses pushes him to make a bad decision!  Great book for a light read, it is written in diary form which reminded me of Bridget Jones but if you can get on with that then go buy this book, it’s good to laugh and you will.  You can connect with Jon on FaceBook and Twitter.



I went completely out of my comfort zone by reading this book but I was pleased that I did as I think it is a well written story that  you will be hooked on and want to read more of his adventures.   I felt like I was drifting back in time while reading this and imagining I was a child again, what a brilliant adventure I would of had.  I very much admire the authors that write these great fantasies, it must be great having a mum like this to make up stories for you at bedtime.

The way Helen draws you in is magnificent and truly believable, Alfie is a great character and much like any boy of that age. It did take me longer to read but not sure if that was just me and my memory as had to go over bits when the Faerians arrived and their names, old age!

I am hoping my grandaughter will read it next as I feel it would be great to get her point of view as she is an avid reader and like me does not drift far from the authors she likes.

This would also make a great film for kids as the special effects you could use would be wonderful.  Walt Disney did you hear that?

Alfie Diamond and his first awakening takes you into fantasy land that is a bit real, well who knows what stories these old houses hold in their walls.  Lovely story Helen and very well written, great imagination.  xx


Sue is one of my favourite authors as well as being such a lovely person to talk to for advice and help.  Sue also teaches in the UK and abroad at some of the writing retreats including one in Italy.  So with her very full schedule she still finds the time to write amazing novels.

Love and Freedom is one of her best I think and set in Brighton which is a great place and when she mentions some of the names you can just picture it all in your mind and I love that.  The story develops around the character Honor as she escapes to Brighton to find her past and also to decide her future but that is taken out of her hands by love!  I like the characters who are all very believable and the bits of humour that lighten the story and keep you intrigued. I won’t give any spoilers but I must say there is one point that I really wasn’t expecting or it just might be me being a bit slow.

I recommend you read this as it truly is a delightful book and ideal  for a summer read on the beach.


It certainly did not take me very long to read this book as I was addicted after the first page. It is one of the best books I have read for a long time with just the right amount of information to keep you gripped and guessing. I am not going to give you any spoilers as you really must read this book. The characters are all real and extremely believable and you get to know each one by the way the book is written. Each person tells a chapter so you get to know the story from everybody’s point of view and that is very gripping.
Considering this was Paula Hawkins first thriller she has written an amazing story and I would recommend it to everyone.

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