Over the last week this town has had almost 40 migrants trying to get to our shores! They use the smallest of boats or steal fishing boats from France then try to cross one of the busiest channels in the world.

What makes them think they will make it?  The ones that do slip through because our border controls that patrol our beaches all along the south coast have not got enough men to man this area full-time! So it is all passed back to the people who want to come here.

But as soon as these boats or sometimes just a dingy get into problems all our emergency services are out there risking their own lives to save people who want to break the law and enter our country.

We never hear on any news about any of them being shipped backed to France or where ever they came from. Why don’t they stay in France or any of the countries they have come through on their way to the U.K.?

I know I am writing what most of the country are feeling but we really have got to make our island less attractive for people to want to come here by risking their lives. Where is all this going to end? All our services are stretched to breaking point leaving the tax payers fighting for their own rights. We have to wait days for a doctors or hospital appointment because they are so stretched. Some of our schools cannot take pupils that even live in their catchment areas, the classes have so many helpers in there for all the different languages spoken. Everything is impacting on our lives and it is time the government stood up for us and started to help the people born and bred here and not migrants, let’s make it hard for them so they do not want to come here and may then stay in other countries along their way to a better life, or better still get the agencies and volunteers to assist them in making their own country a nice place to live.

Sometimes you just have to have a moan and I know there will be a lot of people disagreeing with me but we can all have a say as it’s a free country!

Happy moaning


What do you think?

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