I wanted to just tell you that I have not turned into a dating lush into whipping! LOL.  All the dating posts that I write are for a company and they then share them across their readers, they seem to like what I have to say and remunerate me accordingly but all the views are mine as you know, I always write the truth.


I have just changed my hosting provider as Siteground put the cost up for a year to £128 so no way was I paying that. I then had a very nice Twitter private message from Lee asking me if I would like details of their company called Nodestack. I then looked at reviews which were all really good so I asked for details and prices. I apparently have 6GB of data on my blog so I went for 10GB as I think if I get close to that then I can delete some of my very old posts that I wrote when my blog started. They did all the changeover and gave me a month free then a good price but the best bit is that it stays at that price so no more changing and deal hunting. I was so pleased with everything so I am now going to recommend them so if you would like any details click here and they will help you, or you can find the link down the site of my website.


I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have one less thing to research and compare prices about every year. I must admit I do it with all insurances as I really hate being taken advantage of so I will always do a compare the prices and go with the best deal. It also means that if I do recommend a company then you know they are good.

Talking about prices I had my yearly usage from BULB who I get my electric and gas from, they just get better and better as I am now down to £17 a month for both, they predict next year I will use about £500 worth of gas and electric. I am so pleased and I am still almost £200 in credit. If you would like to try them and receive £50 free credit straight away then click here, I do receive the credit as well so it’s a win win for both of us. img_9203

Hopefully my blog is sorted now for the next year then all I have to do is renew my domain name next April. All I have to do now is try and sort out my Facebook as I am still blocked from using it, for no reason now they just need to change a setting so I can log in and change my profile to a page. I have tried everything so am really stuck now, there appears to be no way of actually contacting Facebook apart from the help centre, where I have left so many messages now under every heading!  My views have gone down over half in the last six weeks which is really upsetting when it has taken me years to build up my readers.

That’s about all my news for this week, I hope yours is going well



  1. Karen
    24th May 2019 / 9:25 pm

    Me too but they have gone quiet again!

  2. 23rd May 2019 / 8:48 pm

    Glad you have made good progress with the blog and hope that infuriating Facebook issue is resolved soon.

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