In all the years I have lived in Kent, I have never been to this pub but I am so pleased we did yesterday. It is really nice and spacious inside and has been done up over the last few years. It is situated between the main road and the beach in Sandgate with car parks close by.
It was Izzys 15th birthday on Monday and Alfie was 10 on Saturday, expensive month for Jodie. Izzy had a house party Sunday night with about 40 friends, Jodie had to stay upstairs lol.

The website for this hotel is very good, you can see it here. Even a bit of royal history!
The Royal Norfolk Hotel took its current name after an extended stay of the then Duchess of Norfolk and her young son in the late 19th century. Arrangements for her stay were rather hurried after the proprietor of the nearby Royal Pavilion hotel instructed the landlord of the Ship to “clear out his guests to make room for the Duchess” as his hotel was full. Understandably, the management were reluctant to get rid of their regular customers, and it was only after some last-minute negotiation that the Duchess came to stay.
The Duchess of Norfolk is not the only grand person to have stayed: the Prince of Teck visited in the 1890s and even Queen Victoria herself reputedly stopped at the hotel.
Since October 2009, the Royal Norfolk Hotel has been run by the mother and daughter team of Sandra Wilkins and Georgia Walker, who have worked hard restoring the building to a now beautiful place to rest, dine and relax.
As we had the twins with us we went into the back room so they could run about but luckily they both had a sleep. Lunch was good, children catered for with their own menu. They also have a bottle charge of £5 so you can take your own booze, it’s always nice to be able to drink your favourite wine.

Sam did suggest a phone ban at the table after this!
We all had a great time, you can’t beat a family lunch on a really hot day so as soon as we were finished it was back out in the sunshine for us all.

What do you think?

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