When this TV program first started I enjoyed it as it was new to everyone including the people who went in it.  There was also a lot of conflict in the house making many people watch it so you had live streaming most of the day.
After a couple of years it all became the same just with different people so I did not bother with it.  I don’t watch a lot of TV anyway so it has to be good or entertaining.
This year to support the year of the woman the house just has a very good selection of celebrity women.  I have watched it for two nights and I really hope it continues in this way as I found it very entertaining.  The vast opinions of them all sometimes produce conflict but I do wish they would show us all the conversations as today I read that a lot more went on with regarding Ann Widdecombe yesterday.
I was amazed that Amanda Barrie is 82 I sure hope I look that good when I am that age and she ‘came out’ a few years ago and has never been happier.
There are a couple of women that I didn’t know but I am sure we will know them all very well by the end of this series. Let us hope for a good one.


What do you think?

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