I must say I have taken my eye off the ball as not been blogging as much as I normally do. I feel it is for several reasons, one this flipping pandemic which is just getting worse again. Which coincides with the children going back to school, I have always wondered if it is the children who are the carriers with no symptoms. How on earth did they think that having students in universities was going to work I have no idea. Especially as they said that a lot of the lectures etc would be on-line, just send them back home if they want to go and have everything online until they get this under control. Plus I think not being able to see your doctor is utterly ludicrous.

Everything in the garden has grown so much my friend came over to help me get it all cutback, I still have more to do out there but the rain is coming again.

I love my new Ipad cover but it doesn’t stand up now like my old one so that is a bit annoying, I didn’t think about that when ordering it.

I read some good books which take my total to 50 this year so far so I only have 20 left to reach my target of 70 books read for 2020.

The Christmas killer was an excellent read so I recommend that for your Christmas read. The author corner at the Hythe food fair was great, lots of stalls selling all sorts of goodies.

I had a fantastic afternoon with Jade, one of my older granddaughters who is 18. We went to the Marco Pierre White restaurant in Folkestone. Recommend this, the ambience, food and service were all excellent. We had a nice afternoon and finished off with a drink in The Radnor Arms. We were amazed that they make their gin, we tried one of each which were delicious. I love the set up behind the bar so you can see it all, it doesn’t last very long when he makes it. It has spurred me on to make my rhubarb gin as I have lots growing in the garden. I think I must have a later growing type as when others were picking their’s mine looked dead but it’s doing great now.

The beginning of the month the children went back to school with some of them not being there since March but I am pleased to say they all loved it. Even the twins and it was their first day of school, I love the way kids just get on with it. It was a bit different with the new rules but they just carry on happily. It was nice having a big brother there as well.

So that was September and now it’s October, how fast does this year appear to be going and considering we were in lockdown for weeks what did we do with the time?  I know I could have done a lot more but I have not had hardly any incentive this year but I am going to try to do better for the last 3 months. We have NaNoWriMo during November so I am going to try and get my book finished as it was on my list of things to get out the way this year. Are you doing National Novel Writing Month?

Stay safe



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