What a month, I am so sad that it went so fast as there are so many things I did not get to do with the children.

Camping was good and I split them all up so I could spend quality time with them all.

Picking up the new camper was a brilliant moment and I really love it. The grapes are turning red with the garden still looking really good. Herbs growing so much better this year, I really think the sunshine made everything and everyone happy. The frog is growing and has such long legs when you see him jump, still trying to capture that on film.


Back to school for a 7 week term and the beginning of a new school year, all grandchildren in primary school apart from the twins who are now in nursery two days a week. They are just all growing far too quick. Kara has had a promotion and is now a shift leader so that’s super good and she loves the job. George is off to college to do engineering and Jade is doing her A levels, including maths so well done to her as that’s one of the hardest to complete. Also Jade is entering more jumping competitions on her horse Max. So many new things happening for everyone and they all seem happy so all my eggs are balancing well. Just have to get Billie sorted with her headaches as she is suffering badly at the moment but we will get there eventually.

Hopefully I will have pictures of all new school uniforms next week for my wall.

Autumn is almost here but the weather is still glorious in fact it is a good 25 in my garden and they are saying this will last a couple of weeks also above average temperatures until the end of the year almost, if that all turns out to be true then that’s good for me as my bones do not like the cold.

I am having a holiday in Spain soon and its 31 there at the moment. super!

Book reviews all coming up on publishing days next couple of months and a new author spotlight coming soon.

Happy September everyone.


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