I know it’s never a good idea to do too much thinking but I am laid up with the dreaded lergy  that has gone straight to my chest and I have no voice so that’s where the thinking comes in.
What are we doing to the world we live in as if we carry on like this it is not going to be very good-by the time grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow up.  As you know I do not do politics but really TRUMP! This does not bode well but we will wait and see.  Global warming, I do not understand why every country is not doing all they can to stop this, no brainer really.  We all know that if a country lets off a nuclear bomb it will be the end of a lot of us, why were they allowed to make them in the first place?  Destroy them all before they destroy us.  The NHS I know it has a lot of problems but a lot of it is the older generation living a lot longer now and they have shut a lot of the old people’s homes, many have not got the money to go in the private establishments so why not make us look after our elders but make it easier to add a bedroom on for them instead of all the bloody red tape you have to go through for even a porch.  I realise it is not possible for everyone as I do not even talk to my mother let alone live with her. The homeless, there are always houses left empty to rot away so why not spend a little bit and convert them into rooms, they then have an address to get benefit so can then travel to job interviews and eventually get their own place to live, a time limit would be set on this and when they got benifit some would be taken for the room before they got it.
You probably think I am now living in cloud cuckoo land, it must be the fever, time for more meds. Bet this gets you all thinking!


What do you think?

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