Sounds like something you would eat so make sure you say bath before truffles. The first thing I noticed was that these dissolve completely so no bits floating about. The smell then hits you as it is powerful but really nice, I tried the rose and frankincense and it made the bathroom smell lovely for a couple of days. I had a good soak and read my writing magazine, there was a very good article about writing thrillers so I took that on board and jotted down some notes when I got out of the bath. A good bit of multi tasking there. These truffles are smaller than the bombs so are only £3.50, mind you I should ask for a discount for all the promotional work I’m doing for them. I know a few friends who have bought them since I have tried them and it’s so convenient that you can buy them locally in Folkestone at The Wellbeing Centre.

I think these have more of a punch to them even though they are smaller, good things come in small packages. Like the last time, I slept through the night so that makes you feel better for a start. I didn’t have the soreness and ache in my bones for a couple of days so it’s all good. I didn’t look any younger though so it does not work miracles.

Next I will try the rhubarb and black pepper, I had forgotten how nice it is to lay in a nice hot bath and read. It also makes you relax and take some time just for you. What do you do for some ‘me’ time?


What do you think?

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