During my time of writing these blogs, many unusual things I have written about but I guess that is what makes this a current Lifestyle Blog. My daughter and I went to the above show as they sent me tickets to review it. I have to admit neither of us had heard of it apart from the reference to The Muppets. Along we went at 7.30, the first thing you notice is a big orange Q walking about asking people to have their photo done in it, yes I had a go so you may see me on their social media pages.


They gave us a programme so we had a read while waiting for it to start, I will draw your attention to the song titles above! I was not sure what to expect and it all seemed a bit, well, maybe the age limit should have been 16 and above not 14 or am I getting an old fuddy-duddy?

Those stats certainly show how popular it is also it has been to eight countries. Why have I not heard of this before? The place was full so it’s popular and then it started.


I think everybody had laughed in the first ten minutes. I had to give myself a little nudge as when the first puppet and person came out I sat there thinking, ‘I can see his mouth move’ but then, of course, I realised it was not a ventriloquist, these are just puppets with people. I must add that the people are well into it with their puppet.


The voices from these young people are just amazing, the range that they can sing and talk in is what really makes this show. Plus the lines of course as the laughter hardly stopped all the way through. The songs were even funnier and I can say, this is nothing like The Muppets, this is a superb show. I am so pleased The leas Cliff Hall sent me the tickets to go and watch it as it is something I would never have dreamed of going to. Another unusual event to add to my blogging journey. I now think you should all get tickets to go and watch this hilarious show as you won’t be sorry and if you are feeling a bit blue I am sure it will cheer you up.


So this show gets a ten out of ten from us, this is one not to be missed.


What do you think?

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